Hi, I'm Colin!

I believe in freedom and sovereignty for every human. I believe in the individual. Collectivism is evil. Free markets are what bring the most prosperty for all. Humanity is egotistical and dangerous and the individual is what keeps it in check.

Every man, woman, and child should have the right to pursue the life they want without interference from anyone else, especially government.

I'm an entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, and fiercely independent thinker focused on finding truth and challenging the broken status quo.

My mission 1,000,000 of my fellow humans become first principles thinkers that challenge the status quo and think for themselves.

I believe we change the world by changing ourselves, and so that's where I'm focused—helping build better humans.


Founder/CEO of Wild Foods CoWild Foods was founded out of a passion for food, nutrition, and my personal quest to be healthy AF. We specialize in Real Food products focused on supporting a healthy body and mind.

The Better Human Podcast: Exploring behavior change, mindset, struggles, and how to live better lives.

BitcoinWillSaveUs.com: A free education on Bitcoin and money (in progress)

YouTube - Main Channel and Channel 2

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