Don’t outsource anything

I’m at this point in life where I know deep in my bones that I can do anything.

It took many years of learning and unlearning, and updating my stories. It took watching many “successful” people up close and observing how they struggled just like the rest of us.

It took working closely with high-paid corporate employees and comparing how ineffective they were individually and as a team.

I took deep study, thinking, trial and error, and years of figuring it out.

It’s took escaping the comparison trap so I could fully appreciate for my journey and not compare it to anyone else’s path. Nietzsche used the idea of “Amor fati” as integral to his philosophy. It means to not only accept the bad things, but to love them. When you can love the good and bad in your life, you are free. When you realize that wishing for something else is meaningless because you can never go back, you start moving to complete acceptance of your life and everything in it. Once you realize this Truth, you get the ultimate power of control.

Max Truth is a the mathematically true concept that everything in your life is ONLY up to you. This is mathematically provable because it can ONLY be up to you. No one can think for you, feel for you, do for you. They can’t choose for you because asking them to or letting them is still your choice. What you perceive is your choice. What you think is your choice. What you do is your choice.

When everything is your choice—as it is—you have two choices:

  1. Take complete control of choice so you can direct external reality to your desired ends
  2. Choose unproductive thoughts and actions that give away your agency with the net result of staying stuck or moving backwards

That’s it.

That’s the binary 1 or 2 of your life.

It will never change.

The sooner you get all ones in your columns, the sooner you reap the benefits that come from doing so.

What benefits?

All the benefits.

Every single aspect of your life is improved through taking control.

On the flip side, every single aspect of your life that you neglect or outsource to others (without thought) is made worse by doing so.

(When I say “outsource” I’m referring mostly to doing things just because others do them without understanding or analyzing them. These unexamined aspects of life lack ownership because you haven’t done the work to own them. Then, when you own them, you choose to utilize other people to help you towards a self-chosen aim.)