Be who you are to live your best life

Dear Wildling,

We are constantly bombarded with requests and demands from others.

We have a million things to do and a billion things we could do.

What about all those responsibilities you place upon yourself, many of which you've never analyzed?

How often are you doing things out of guilt or shame?

How often are you keeping your true feelings unspoken?

We should all aspire to be more honest with the world around us. And we absolutely should not be spending our time trying to please others since all that does is let ourselves down and others eventually.

People pleasing is a sickness, a mental disease. And like any chronic disease resulting from lifestyle, there is a cure!

The cure is like most cures: it requires time, effort, and consistency.

Here's how to cure yourself of living a life for others:

Start by saying no. (Explain if you must, but remember that the most powerful "No" is followed by a period. Like this: "No." Or "No thanks.")

Start expressing your preferences rather than acting upon the perceived expectations of others.

You might be surprised how gracious people can be. And for those that can't be, good riddance. Not everyone belongs in your life.

Weeding out toxic people is integral for long-term health and happiness.

Toxic people are like someone putting a dose of cyanide in your cereal each morning: slowly killing you one small dose of poision at a time.

All that said, I've found that most people will accept what you say and do as long as you are consistent.

If you're wishy-washy, others will try to conform to you.

For example, if you have been a pushover in the past or are generally persuaded by others, expect that same treatment when you finally decide to speak up.

It'll be a transition period to get through that, and it might be hard, but the rewards on the other side are sooo worth it.

There is no greater success in life than becoming who you are and living a life that reflects your principles, beliefs, and desires.

The problem is that others latch on to us like barnacles and knowingly or unknowingly infect our minds with their problems and closed-minded perspectives.

Break free.

Lead others rather than be led by them.

Live true to who you are and welcome into your life those that accept that person!