How Experts Are The Cause of The Obesity Crisis in America

Experts are responsible for the obesity crisis, and the top 2 killers in the united states, responsible for over 1.1 million deaths.

This is a complex and muddy topic with a lot of variables, but in a nutshell, it's a result of private interests funding "research" and overtaking academia, science, research, and the medical system.

We have sick care, not health care.

Doctors are pawns in this game. Some know some don't, and most don't care to figure it out for themselves. So they keep pushing their drugs and surgery. These make a lot of money, after all.

Then you have health experts and fitness professionals that position themselves at experts, especially when it comes to nutrition, where so many of these dangerous ideas exist.

The energy balance, calories in, calories out, myth.The blaming of the individual: all you have to do is eat less and exercise more.The ignoring of food quality and instead focusing on quantity.One bad idea after another has overtaken the mainstream narrative. People now wrongly think that saturated fat causes heart disease and that a low fat high-carb diet is the best way to go—or worse, a low-fat, high-carb, plant-based diet.It is all propped up by Big Food and Big Pharma and Big Medical.Scam after scam after scam.Here are a few myths that have killed millions of people and continue to do so:Myth: Red meat causes cancer.Truth: false. The research to make this claim is observational and often based on food surveys sent in the mail.(Here's an actual example of the kinds of questionnaires they sent in the mail to perform this "research": How many cups of ribs have you eaten in the past year?So someone fills this out from memory, and the data is tabulated, and then conclusions are made. These conclusions always have a bias, especially considering who did the funding. If a private interest funds your research, and you don't help them get the finding they want, they won't fund you again. This could be career death.These biased and poorly executed studies get published. Then the media jumps on and write sensation it's headlines like, "New study finds red meat causes colon cancer."The thing is, these observational studies, even in their best form, never PROVE something does something. This is called "causation," and observational studies (epidemiology) never prove causation. They can only publish links to possible corrections/connections.There are examples of studies showing a health correlation to how many Disney movies one watched over a period of time to show the absurdity of epidemiology.Yes, this is how ridiculous observational correlation-based "research" is. It shouldn't' be called research at all, in my opinion.These reasons, and many more, are why all nutrition research should be thrown out, and the house of cards it props up should be dismantled.Then there's food companies and billions of dollars of lobbying done by Big Food Big Pharma that keep the correct information suppressed and the favorable, bad research promoted and covered.I won't even go there. There are plenty of books to read on this topic if you are interested.Until researchers are willing to kidnap 1000 humans and lock them in cages and feed them a controlled diet while controlling for sleep and exercise, etc., then nutrition research will forever be lacking.So what do you do if you want to understand human nutrition?You should look to established science that has nothing to do with food. Here are the areas of study that can teach you everything you need to know about how humans designed to eat:AnthropologyPaleontologyEvolutionary biologyArchaeologyI'm not going to expand on these now, but I will explain the reason why this is where you should go to do research on your own.The best framework is an ancestrally, evolutionary biology framework.To understand what humans should eat, you need to understand what humans did eat for 99% of our existence.Humans started farming around 12,000 years ago. This is what some call "Our greatest mistake." By moving from a nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life to an agrarian way of life, our brains and bodies shrunk, and we experienced more malnutrition and physical determinant, as well as more famine and starvation.Today, it's easy to see how mismatched we are to our current environment. Heart disease and cancer are the top 2 killers in the United States.What the food and pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know is it's our food supply that's the main cause.It's not inactivity and overeating the way the "experts" would have you believe. That contributes, but it's not even close to the root cause.The First Principles of human nutrition is this:1. Homo sapiens sapiens (that's you and me) lived as hunter-gatherers for 200,000+ years.2. 12,000 years ago, our ancestors started farming.3. Technology and the population have been increasing ever since, and our health has been decreasing ever since.4. Today, the ways we are are a result of the abundance technology has created: fake food, fake environment, and removal of anything difficult or calorie-expensive.5. Our cheap, confident, and comfortable on-demand world is a mismatch to our biology. And as a species, we are paying the price of maladaptation.What you can do

You should try to mimic the lifestyle of your ancestors.This looks like this:Eat real food you prepare from raw ingredientsMove often outside and get plenty of sunlightSleep when the sun is down for at least 8 hoursSpend time with friends and familyWork, but not all-dayExercise intensely for brief periods of timeSkip meals oftenBelong to a community

The most important aspect of human health: REAL FOODGet raw ingredients. Prepare them at home. Eat. Enjoy. Thrive.Instead, people let corporations cook or engineer their food. And I wish I was exaggerating when I say this: it's killing you.Corporate-made frankenfood is killing you slowly but surely. And it's killing millions around the world.So back to the title of this article. What do health experts have to do with this?They prop up the lie. They perpetuate the puff pieces. This confuses the public and keeps the real information buried deep.As someone who sells food and supplements for a living, I can tell you that recommending you practice intermittent fasting, cook all your meals at home and buy the best quality ingredients you can find, is not something that works for 99% of the food and supplement companies out there.It works for us because we provide Real Food ingredients that allow you to do just this. And we are more concerned with more people eating right and feeding their children right than we do selling products. It's our Wild Mission to promote that.The most important thing you can start doing today is to make a dedicated effort to prepare all your meals at home. You can meal prep or cook easy dishes like pan-seared steak, oven-baked fish, slow-roasted pork roast, and so on.

  • Buy organic grass-fed hot dogs and organic humanely raised deli meat. Try some high-quality raw cheese. Learn the basics of building a salad and making salad dressings.
  • Use avocado oil, coconut oil, butter, ghee, lard, and tallow for your cooking needs.

Then make this what you do every time you step in the kitchen.You will have then reversed the most potent toxin in your environment to nothing: you will have removed the fake, toxic foods, and your health (and weight) will thank you.