Mind Over Matter: An Intro To Max Truth

What does that mean?

Your mind is the most powerful machine in the known Universe.

Do you have access to that power? Or does it have access to you?

Few individuals ever utilize a fraction of the power of their minds.

The mind is like a wild bronco (that's a horse, not a car). If you can't break the horse and tame it to follow your will. It becomes a life-saving war machine when you take control and master it.

Just ask the Indians that used horses to dominate or the Mongols whose children grew up riding horses from a young age and shooting bows on a 1-ton moving beast.


How do you control your mind?

How do you stop those obsessive thoughts and the constant anxiety that your subconscious ruminates on over and over and over?

There are many answers. And one answer.

The first answer proceeds to the others. You must first choose. And you can only decide when you're aware. So awareness then choice. That's the first part. Just doing that puts you far ahead of most that never consider their mind, their thoughts, or how they can control it to their will.

The second part is committing to that choice.

Aristotle said we are what we repeatedly do; excellence is a habit. You can know what you're supposed to do and have all the self-awareness you can muster, but it does nothing for you if you don't translate that into action.

What you do.

Everything in your life is about what you do.

This single answer is why the supplement industry is bigger than the fitness industry—because people much rather pop a pill than work out three times a week for months on end. The easy "solution" always sells more.

And that's why so few ever get access to a great life that comes from mastering their mind and actions. Because it's the path of most resistance, it's hard. It takes time, commitment, and overcoming obstacles, all things modern humans aren't too fond of.

Where to start?

When you hear "everyone is different," do you feel that's useful or like the author is just covering their tracks?

Of course, everyone is fucking different. How is that useful? How does that help me get what I want?

Since you are different, the only thing I can do is offer some specific strategies that might work for you. Do what Bruce Lee said, "add what is your own quote"

Journaling. Some people love this. I've heard anecdotes that going back to read your journal is a game-changer for learning about yourself. While I" ve never really done that, I do have an example that confirms this. I sometimes stumble upon old reminder notes in my calendar or email. I read the goals and thoughts I had at the time. It's crazy where I've gone since then and how I've evolved my thinking. So yes, I think there's massive value here. I've just never done it consistently. I'm more of a writer for others than for myself, to each his own. Try this.

Meditation. There are many ways to do this. I sometimes do a 60 breath count in the shower. I count one on the in-breath and one on the out-breath while visualizing a one going from far away to big inside my mind, then back to far away again, tracking my breath. You could sit alone in a room for an hour with no goal or purpose, the way Naval does. Instead of obsessing whether you have thoughts or not, let your thoughts run rampant. Get them out. Let them go where they want. I've not tried this, but I suspect it's powerful. Consider TM meditation. Figure out something that helps you be in the moment and practice silencing your monkey mind. It's about training.

Take a walk every day. Try alone. Try alone in the woods. Try without your phone. Try while thinking on a specific problem. Try while thinking of nothing in particular.

Task a friend or therapist to ask you questions. If it's a friend, you could take turns. Ask each other questions for 15 minutes to only ask clarifying questions on each turn.

Have a conversation with yourself. You could record it. Talk to yourself, then listen to it later, like audio journaling.

Find a hobby or sport that helps you be supremely in the moment. This itself is therapy for most and will help strengthen silencing your mind.

Listen to motivational youtube videos (or on Spotify). Create a morning routine around it.

Consume content from sources you want to learn from. The flip side to this, which is more powerful if you need to do it, is to cut all negative content and people from your life. Stop watching the news. Stop consuming gossip and other mindless content. Stop spending time around negative people and letting them infect your mind with their toxicity.

Stop watching the news.

Stop consuming gossip and other mindless content.

Stop spending time around negative people and letting them infect your mind with their toxicity.

Stop explaining yourself.

Stop being a disgrace to your hard-ass ancestors that got you here.