Every problem today

All of humanity’s problems lie in some humans trying to control others.

If humans kept to themselves and stopped trying to control others through propaganda, manipulation, coercion, and other bullshit, then we would have none of the problems we have today.

America has been the most prosperous nation in human history because of its strong property rights that are as close to this ideal as possible.

That’s why it’s still humanity’s best chance at moving on to the new epoch of human organization, which will be a bitcoin-fueled small city-state-like existence based entirely on market forces and opting in.

The state is a service provider. The problem is it’s not easy to choose another state, and thus the state has a monopoly, which is why it produces such a shit product.

Look at any highly regulated industry, and you see shit products. Why is this the case?

Because of a lack of market forces, the best products come from the most accessible markets. Always.

Even Rockefeller labeled the first real monopoly, created the energy network the world runs on, and from it, every ounce of prosperity we take for granted today. It could be argued that it required highly anticompetitive behavior to make that happen. He even standardized the railroad system, which led to lower prices, lower cost barriers for competition, etc.

As a monopoly, he brought down the price of energy more than anyone else in human history. Monopolies are supposed to raise prices to price gouge customers. Instead, he created better products and better prices for his customers. Interesting, isn't it?

Just another example of whatever the mainstream idea is, go to the opposite, and you find the Truth.

This principle will eventually win out, and our species will come along for the ride. It might take 50-100 years. But that’s history. That’s evolution.

We might not be around to see it, but we can take this principle and apply it to our lives now.

How do we do that?

Through ABSOLUTE OWNERSHIP of our minds, bodies, lives.

Every thought and action you claim as “your own” must be analyzed. Did it come from trauma? Did it come from someone else? Have I ever questioned it, picked it apart, or made it strong, or am i just accepting it?

This is the core ethos of the Better Human Philosophy—complete ownership and a life designed from the ground up by the individual.