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  • 🦌 Wild Foods: The products our family trusts → Code WILDCEO for 15% off
  • 🍄 SHRUUM Culinary Mushroom Extracts to take your meals to the next level. Delicious, functional, sustainable. Use code WILDCEO
  • 🦢 Swan Bitcoin is what I use to buy Bitcoin daily using dollar-cost averaging.
  • 🥩 Crowd Cow delivers delicious protein to your doorstep. I use my monthly subscription to make sure we never run out of clean animal proteins.

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The Better Human Spreadsheet - A Publicly Viewable list of my favorite content and resources. This will grow and grow and grow, so bookmark it now.


💰 Swan Force Bitcoin How I buy Bitcoin daily/monthly, Auto-Buy, Best Fees for Buying BTC I’ve found.

Check out BitcoinWillSaveUs.com for my Bitcoin podcast and articles that will help you master Bitcoin.


I buy most of my animal foods from these few vendors online.

Sourcing is an important piece of diet that no one talks about.

Because there is so much variation to food products, finding high-quality products you enjoy is integral to sticking to your eating plan.

When you find suppliers you like, stick with them. This will ensure the quality stays high and your diet on point.

🐟 SizzleFishSustainably Sourced, Premium Quality, Wild Caught

🥩 Alderspring Ranch - Probably the healthiest grass-fed beef on the planet. We had the founder on the Ancestral Mind podcast. You can listen here.

🐂🐂 Crowd Cow: My other trusted online beef supplier. If I'm in the mood for real Wagyu or quality grass-fed American beef, this is where I go.

Force of Nature - Regenerative meat. Solid options here. I like the bison and beef ancestral blends (obviously) that have liver and heart blended in. The perfect way to get more organ meats into your diet.

Wild Foods - As the founder/CEO, I’m biased here, but the fact of the matter is our family uses these products daily. That is the highest seal of approval I can give for quality—what I give my kids.

Dedicated to sourcing, Wild Foods was founded from my intense desire to know where my ingredients came from and how they were treated. You can find ingredients to fit any diet. I’m currently stacking our collagen, salts, CocoTropic, and prebiotic/probiotic as part of my daily routine. And coffee, of course. Use code WILDCEO to get 12% off your entire order.

🍄🍄 What I take daily for optimal health: Wild Fish Oil Wild Shrooms Wild Pink salt Wild Collagen

Upgraded Formulas

My good friend Barton runs an awesome company called Upgraded Formulas. I take his liquid minerals to help balance out my levels and I've seen aggressive results with this test then supplement approach. Use code BETTERHUMAN for 15% off your entire order. Try the iodine and magnesium at least, since you're likely low as most people are.

Tools I use

Notion → for everything. It's amazing. It's also what powers this website.

Boomerang for Gmail → I've been using this for years. It's why I'm good at following up

Fav Books

50 Tips for Real Food by Colin Stuckert - This is my recent book. 50 short tips to help you eat more Real Food. I believe Real Food can save humanity. But we have so far to go to actually implement it. Start with yourself.

Sapiens: One of those must-read books. The perfect introduction to building The Ancestral Mind.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: I own the Kindle version, a physical copy and the free PDF. It's that good.

Red RisingMy favorite fiction series of all time. We named our son after the main character.

Deep WorkAn absolute must for anyone that does knowledge work. Especially important for business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs.

The Art of LivingOne of the first books I read when I was I was introduced to Stoicism. My most gifted book.

The War of Art: Another must-read for anyone building anything.

How to Fight a Hydra: A fun read that is beautifully done as an audiobook.

Why We Get Fat: A simple introduction to the basics of fat gain and loss and hormones.

The Obesity CodeA great intro to fasting and the basics of weight gain and loss. Again, from a hormonal perspective.

The Vegetarian Myth: Just read it.

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Another just read.

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