How I’m fixing my eyesight with a new office setup

My eyesight has gotten bad in recent years.

I guess staring at screens for hours each day tends to add up over the years.

Fortunately I found out that eye sight can be fixed naturally.

Jake from Endmypoia.com reached out and we did a podcast together.

It was hard to get exact recommendations, but after watching a few of his Youtube videos, I figured out that distance to screen was the most important consideration for “relaxing” and “retraining” the eye muscles.

So now I’m reading at night on an iPad with airplay enabled so I can lie on the couch 6 feet away.

During the way, I’ve rearranged my office to this below. 43” inch LG monitor on a standing desk then my workstation on another standing desk in front. The total distance to screen is around 3 feet.

So far it’s been going well.

One day I had the worst tension headache of my life. I went to the chiropractor and it went away immediately. I think i twas related to my eyes as they were straining that day. Hard to say.