How Technology-Savvy Individuals Have a Massive Advantage

How Technology-Savvy Individuals Have a Massive Advantage

Just imagine how much an advantage the technology-savvy individuals have today.

I feel like it's comparable to when the printing press was first introduced.

Those that learned how to read had an enormous advantage over the majority of the world that did not.

Here are a few tools in my tech stack that I use daily, and with each passing day, I get better at using them. (The latter part is vital since tools are meaningless if you don't use them effectively.)

Notion → I use it to run everything. Wild FoodsPodcast, this newsletter, my knowledge database, personal record keeping, and goal tracking. It takes a commitment, but you'll never leave once you're in it.

Substack → It's free to send this newsletter. For this sized list, if I were on something like Mailchimp, it would cost around $300 a month.

Adobe illustrator, photoshop, and premiere pro → I can't stand adobe as a company with their constant barrage of logging in every time you load up the apps and their move to only monthly subscriptions model. But the apps themselves are generally excellent and industry-standard. I pay $29 a month for the entire suite. (Tip: get a student subscription.)

Grammarly → Indispensable. I wish they had a "accept all changes" button. I would click that and then do a quick proofread/copy edit. Instead, it's usually a lot of redundant clicking.

Writesonic → see more below. A more powerful-than-I-can-fathom tool that I now use daily… and getting better.

Dashlane → password and CC management.

Boomerang for Gmail → brings emails back. It's why I'm very good at following up.

Tick Tick → Productivity app. I've tried many, and this one has the features I like. I use this for recurring and personal tasks, primarily business/project management.

Loom → free for 5-minute videos. The urge to have meetings is an urge we should all resist. A recorded video with an accompanying step-by-step process list is miles more effective at teaching someone a process. And once you build that process, you have it forever.