Carnivore Diet + Fruit: What You Need To Know

Why carnivore + some fruit might be the most enjoyable carnivore diet out there.

This was an interesting comment on a video I saw related to fruit: "The Kitavans eat only once a day (about 8 pm). It is also forbidden to eat fruit unless a person is doing physical work. This means Kitivans have one brief insulin spike and rely on fat metabolism to provide energy for the next 22 hours or so."

When it comes to fruit, genes play a role in how well you do with carbs, starches, and fruit. I believe if you have darker skin more connected to living near the equator, you probably do better with carbs than some people.

If you have lighter skin, meaning your ancestors lived in colder climates farther away from the equator, then you are probably more CARB insolvent or sensitive to carbs.

  1. We would have eaten these seasonally most likely and with varied access
  2. We ate them within the confines of an intermittent fasting protocol, though our ancestors wouldn’t have called it that
  3. We should have highly prized animal foods