Carnivore Diet: Should I Eat Plants (The Good, Bad and Ugly)

A quick video on my thoughts on plants right now.

  • It is a continuum - a scale of the good, the bad, the ugly.
  • I think some plants are amazing and can be used in specific ways towards specific goals
  • Certain plants are not bad across the board
  • Some plants are more neutral and may provide little to no benefit or little to no harm.

I think you need to know your body and know what affects you. A much as I dislike the "what works for you" advice, because that leads people down awful eating patterns, if you are dialing in your body through a carnivore diet, this is when this advice shines.

By eliminating plants then slowly introducing them, you can get amazing data that no book, article, YouTuber, or blood test could ever replicate.

You will know first hand, immediately, usually within 30 mins, how a particular plant affects you.

Then you build a library of the foods you do well with and the ones you don't... and WHAM: the perfect diet for your biology right there.

Finally, here's the big way to think about this:

Healthy animals are the best food for humans. ABSOLUTE BEST and nothing else comes close.

Every other food in nature is a tier 2 at best when compared to eating healthy animals.

And finally, many non-animal foods are toxic to humans and fall somewhere on the good, bad, and ugly spectrum.

No, I do not think plants are going to kill you, though, for some people, they will.

Certain plants are more likely to harm you than others, so understanding the variables and your body is integral.

Plants can be included on a strategic flexible carnivore diet with great success.

I think some of the plant toxin argument is exaggerated. In some circumstances, for certain people, it's spot on.

For some, it should be a concern, something to pay attention to, and for others, it shouldn't be a focus since one has bigger fish to fry (like fixing sleep, movement, sugar and grain consumption, seed oils, etc.