Carnivore Diet Supplements: What I Take

Today's video covers all the supplements I take on while following a 95% strict carnivore diet.

I go into my thought process around some of these.

Hopefully, this will give you a solid idea of where you may want to try some supplements in your carnivore diet routine.

Reference List:

My nutritional insurance includes the following omega 3 products; Wild Fish oil and Cod liver oil.

Wild Coal is another productive take regularly. Anytime I eat out or have some Rebel ice cream, I take a cap or two. This helps bind to toxins and pass them through.

For Vitamin D, I’m trying to get outside and sun each day. The weather has been inconsistent and getting through winter stuck here in North Texas has been a struggle.

So I take my daily Wild D3/lk2 as a maintenance dose. I do notice that getting outside is when I feel my best. So always opt for going outside as your primary way to get vitamin D on a carnivore diet (or any diet).

I also started getting into some of the magnesium research. There are multiple forms of magnesium, all integral to various processes in your body. As a whole, magnesium accounts for about 200+ processes in your body.

Iodine: I’ve seen a few carnivore proponents mention iodine importance and then I looked into deficiency.

What about you? Are there any supplements you’ve found success with on a carnivore diet? Let me know in the comments!