Carnivore Diet Survival Foods For A Pandemic - Stock Up In Case of a Food Shortage

Today’s video covers foods we are stocking up on in case we run into food shortages.

Some are the standard carnivore diet fare and some are a bit closer to the "flexible" carnivore end of the spectrum. And one BIG BAG is something every household should have a few of.

1. Canned sardines and cod liver oil

2. Frozen meat, obviously. Ground beef, cheaper cuts like London broil, ground organ meat

3. Ghee and butter. You can freeze butter and ghee is shelf-stable

4. Tallow, lard, suet, duck fat, bison tallow. Fat is calories. Survival is calories.

5. Frozen fish - Salmon, lard, Mahi, Salmon Roe

6. Beef Jerky, then freeze it. I don’t have any because I ate it all, but the jerky from Alderspring is my favorite.

That covers most of the carnivore diet staples. Now for some flexible carnivore foods that aren’t completely carnivore but close enough that you’ll be happy to have them if there is a food shortage.

1. White rice, HUGE bags of it.

2. Macadamia Nut butters

3. Coconut oil and avocado oil

4. Flours, maybe einkorn or almond flour or coconut flour