Carnivore Diet Weight Loss Hacks

Here’s the thing about diets most people assume—they are exclusively for weight loss.

But that's not the full picture, or at least, it shouldn't be.

A diet should be a way of eating.

So whether you are eating a carnivore diet, a keto diet, a Real Food omnivore diet, or even a vegan diet (though I don't recommend it), you should be thinking about your diet as not a weight-loss hack but as a holistic approach to life that directs everything you do.

And as much as I dislike some of the diet dogma you get in carnivore and all diets, there is something to be said for having a diet plan in mind with certain parameters.

So I disclaim that because I want you to think about a carnivore diet as a way of life and not just a short-term method for losing weight.

If you were to think about a carnivore diet this way, you could think of a strict animal-only carnivore diet like this. That would be fine if you then take a strict carnivore didn’t and open it up a bit to create the perfect ancestrally appropriate animals-focused eating plan for you.

That’s actually what I recommend most people do: Start with strict carnivore for 30-60 or 90 days then slowly add in certain foods you enjoy while listening to how your body responds.

That is how you build the perfect diet.

Now for the main course of today’s video: Carnivore diet weight loss hacks.

Let’s go through some rapid-fire tips for helping you hit that next level of weight loss:

Eat beef jerky

Make homemade beef jerky and keep it nearby. Then have a few bites before each meal or anytime you are feeling hungry but aren’t looking to make an entire meal.

Drink spiked water

Add salt and lemon and maybe ACV in your water. Then drink more water in general.

Sometimes hunger pangs are actually just signs of needing to drink some water.

Eat your protein first

If this was all you did each meal, you would make massive strides in managing your appetite and controlling your energy intake.

Protein is the most satiating food you can eat. So use it to fill you up and cue your brain that it’s time to PUT THE FORK DOWN.

Eat protein

Consider raising your % of protein calories up. Maybe you are at 15-25% of calories from protein right now. Consider adding another 25g-50g each day then let your energy (fat and carbs) fill in the gaps.

Always ask yourself are you eating protein or energy. Check out Ted Naiman’s work and his internet on our show here: The Ancestral Mind.

Now every time you make a food decision, ask yourself are you eating PROTEIN or ENERGY (carbs and fat).

If you are trying to lose weight on any diet, understanding the difference between and balancing the intake of protein vs energy is the most important consideration for how you comprise your diet.

Take a walk

Walk every day for at least 30 minutes, ideally in full sunlight with no shirt or sunglasses

Meditate and practice mindfulness

NO one talks about this for weight loss. But here’s the thing: Chronic stress that comes from an overactive mind, a monkey min as the Buddhists say, completely destroys your weight loss efforts.If you are one that is easily anxious or always worrying, the single most impactful thing you can do for life and your waistline is engaging in some mental maintenance strategies. This cannot be overstated.

Get out in nature

This will help with number 7 with your happiness and mental state, which will have downstream effects on your physical health and weight.There is a ton of research coming out around “forest bathing” and getting in nature in general, and it’s something that should be obvious, yet our inability to “test” it in a lab setting has let it go under appreciated.

Be patient

I know this is your most favorite tip. After all, you found this video and you want HACKS not philosophy, especially trite and overused philosophy.Weight loss takes time. Your body will fight you each step of the way.

If you have 20 pounds to lose, you'll probably lose the first 5-10 relatively easily. After that, each additional pound will become more difficult to lose, so you'll have to experiment with techniques for going the extra step each time.

This will require you to do things you haven't done yet. And you'll have to dial in your entire lifestyle.