Is a meat-only diet boring?

I'm 9 months into a carnivore diet.

And yes, I'm bored.

Here are some thoughts for dealing with boredom on a carnivore diet.

What I'm doing: I'm cooking more and working on classical cooking techniques.

For greens, I'm sticking with iceberg lettuce and romance, mostly water and benign greens that don't bother me. I then use a mix of fruits, a few nuts and seeds, and quality dairy to round out my salads, sauces, and side dishes.

I also have a rule for vegetables: if they aren't delicious, I don't eat them. Maybe a bite or two tops.

When you go carnivore, you no longer feel the need to stuff your face with vegetables because you know they are just a treat.

My meal yesterday was as follows:


I like salads because they are filling, high satiety with low calories. They are also delicious when you learn how to make them correctly. Here are a few tips.

Season/dress each ingredient. If you slice some onions or tomatoes, soak them in some oil and salt before adding to the salad.Make sure your greens are dry, use a salad spinner or paper towels to pay dry.Season your greens before adding anything else with salt and maybe some pepperToss everything together with dressing by hand slowly. Taste then adjustAlways have an acid, usually, this is in the dressing, but a squeeze of lemon or some balsamic vinegar can go a long way.

Also, a strategy I'm doing to make sure I get my protein and animal foods in is this:

I'm aiming for 50g of protein each meal, over two meals. I then want to eat this protein first before anything else, so I fill up and don't overeat the other foods.

There are a few strategies for mixing it up on the carnivore diet. The video above goes into some other ideas as well.