Is Eating Meat Good For You Or Bad For You?

Today we are going to answer the question is the carnivore diet good or bad for you?

This video could be an hour-long if I were to go deep into each variable with this diet, so keep in mind this is not a full treatment of the many variables and just a shallow toe in the water of each.

First of all, there’s never been a single controlled study showing meat consumption is bad or causes disease. LITERALLY NOT ONE.


To which I will humbly retort, “Dear Fine Sir or Mam, what all these confused humans are referring to is what’s called EPIDEMIOLOGICAL research.”

“What is Epidemiological research, you gasp??”

“It is polling.”


The way most epidemiology is conducted is by sending questionnaires in the US postal mail and asking questions like, How many cups of ribs have you consumed, on average, each week, for the last year?


On the flip side, there is a mountain of data and research of hunter-gatherers as well as archaeological and carbon dating that suggests our ancestors were primarily carnivores.

There are millions of examples of real people using a meat-based, high protein, high fat, low carb, low sugar diet to get results.In fact, did you know that the first diet book to start the craze was The Banting Diet, written by a corpulent individual that struggling with his weight for years until finally cutting out most of the carbs from his diet.

Other books over the years that have promoted the same style of eating, each of which helped millions of people actually lose weight include:And how did the “experts” and the medical establishment respond?

As they do anything they don’t understand something or when something challenges their currently held beliefs: they attack, criticize and condemn. 

3. Every part of animals is consumable and nutritious for humans. 99% of plants are poisonous.

Imagine feeding 40 humans wandering around the wild… how could we have possibly survived, and then moved to the top of the food chain, if we had to get all of our calories and nutrition from plants?

It’s literally impossible and there is a mountain of evidence that clearly explains this.

This is considered “solved” in my book and I don't even like talking about it.The reality is, anyone that tries telling you that plants are “best” or even “natural” for humans is just wrong. It’s like they are saying 1 + 1 = 3. Literally.

So I’m not even going to go there. Moving on. 

4. Every essential amino acid and fatty acid that your human body MUST get from your diet, meaning if you don't eat them you will die, is found in animals and NOT found together in any single food from the plant kingdom.

You can eat an entire animal and get everything you need. So as a survival strategy, this again supports the fact that humans are primarily carnivores and that plants are just additions to the diet.

It’s funny because biologists agree on the natural diet of most animals, which is easy to see by observing any species in its natural environment for an extended period of time.

And we have already done this by observing modern-day hunter-gatherers.

Yet this data gets ignored because why? Because it’s counterintuitive to the dogmas

Animals do not contain antinutrients and natural pesticides. Plants do.

A study done in the 90s showed that 99% of the pesticides in the typical Western diet come from the plants themselves, and not man produced chemicals from agriculture.

Let me say that again: If you buy organic cabbage, for example, cabbage itself still contains over 25 known carcinogens as well as possibly thousands of other natural pesticides that are designed to kill pests.

Many of these as well as anti-nutrients are known to cause damage in the human body.

There are thousands of compounds we don’t even understand.Need I say more?

So while the video title might have you thinking I'm going to tell you this diet is GOOD or BAD, I'd rather provide you the info in this video and let you make up your own mind.

Let's recap:

  1. No single controlled study showing meat is bad or unhealthy
  2. Countless examples of people using a meat-based, low carb, high-fat diet to lose weight and get healthy.
  3. Animals are entirely consumable and include beneficial nutrition for humans. 99% of plants are poisonous, and the one that is edible, include a fraction of the nutrition while coming with antinutrients and inherent pesticides.
  4. Animals contain ALL essential amino acids and fatty acids. Plants do not. Not even close.