Meat Heals: How does a carnivore diet heal?

Today I’m going to explain why meat heals and why this guy, Dr. Shawn Baker, created the Meat Heals slogan for his business MeatRx.

There are multi variables here for why you might want to think of meat as a healing tool, as it goes with any complex system. So how these apply to you will depend on you and what healing you need to do.

1. Nutrient Dense Real Foods

Meat is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, second to maybe specific whole animal seafood options like sardines, mackerel, oysters, and mussels (to a point).

Then there are heavy metal concerns, which is a checkbox making meat better for more consistent consumption.

Meat has a solid macronutrient profile, it’s a complete food, and you can eat it without worrying much about your protein and fat intake. It tends to level itself out.

Since most people eating a Standard American diet are protein and nutrient-starved, a delicious grass-fed stake and literally saves lives.

2. Removal of toxic substances

Here’s the gist, plants have natural defense mechanisms that they use to ward off predators and discourage being eaten.

This is natural selection 101. No species can survive in the wild without some strategy.

Here is my hierarchy of plant defense mechanisms:

1. Lectins - found in grains, beans, lentils, and some hybridized fruits like tomatoes

These are the most aggressive generally and cause the most gut problems, which is why you‘ve seen a gluten-free surge in recent years. However, gluten is just one of the many that can cause gut issues.

These foods are also highly carb-dense and lacking in nutrients, making them the first food that you should forgo (plus sugar).

2. Next up are greens, firm greens like spinach and kale containing many oxalates and phytates and other pesticides used to protect the plant from predators.

Because of the positive branding around vegetables, this is the hardest one for people to accept.

I believe small doses of plants could even have a hermetic positive benefit, but when you’re doing green smoothies with 50 grams of sugar and a bunch of raw green veggies, I think you tip the balance to NOT GOOD FOR YOU quickly.

The key here is to consider the different foods and how you prepare them. Cooking vegetables is generally better.

3. Actual Healing: Example - Steak and Butter Gal Bella (Check her out on YouTube)

Recent podcast guest, Steak and Butter Gal, was so malnourished from her vegan diet over six years that when she was 127 and had lost her period, she started eating meat and immediately gained 25 pounds after losing 25 pounds of body fat.

She now eats a stick of butter a day.

Her appetite eventually subsided, then miraculously, she returned to the same weight she was as a vegan yet with more muscle mass and less fat.

In Bella's case, meat and animal foods literally healed her body.

Meat Heals

These are a few of the big ideas behind meat healing. There are different reasons it could, especially when you consider the elimination style of a carnivore-based diet.You get simplicity, time-saving, money-saving, peace of mind, complete nutrition, and fasting becomes that much easier.

Let me know in the comments if there are other reasons why you think meat heals and why an animal-based approach can save lives.