The Pros and Cons of Adding Dairy To a Carnivore Diet

I've been doing a carnivore diet with dairy for months now.

It is my favorite. I'm going to list out some benefits as well as some cons and give you an idea for figuring out if you should add dairy to your diet or not.

First things first, I do not believe dairy is bad for you.

At first, I did.

Then I evolved into seeing pastured butter as the superfood it is.

Then I started seeing cream as not so bad if from a quality source. Then I started thinking about how maybe high-quality cheese could be a superfood. I now think this is the case.

Then I started seeing cheese as potentially a superfood.

Finally, I started seeing raw milk as a superfood, albeit growth-promoting one, so not something you want to drink multiple glasses ofo a day if you are watching your weight or trying to cut.

I now see dairy as a health food, granted one with a lot of nuances.

Getting high-quality, small-batch raw dairy would be ideal.Next would be single pasteurized gently pasteurized products.Next up would be grass-fed pasteurized dairy.Next up would be conventional butter.Next up would be conventional cheese and cream and milk (not ideal)

As you go further down this scale of good to not ideal, you would be more concerned with the amount you are eating. So as it goes with anything, you keep moderation in mind if you are eating lower quality dairy.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's look at some pros and cons of adding dairy to your carnivore diet.

Pro #1: Variety

Dairy adds a much-needed variety to the carnivore diet, which can be quite monotonous. I mean, who wants to eat meat every single day. And for those of us that don't feel like we can afford to eat grass-fed ribeyes every meal, we may want to explore diary as a way to add variety and increase the enjoyment factor of eating a carnivore diet.

This is a HUGE pro for me personally.

Con #1: Growth promoting, calorie-dense

Dairy is loaded with nutrition. Full fat Raw milk, for example, is packed with fat and carbs, and protein, making it a complete food while also making it a whole growth-promoting food.

If you are trying to watch your weight or lose weight, you might want to consider limited or getting rid of dairy altogether, at least for a while.

Pro #2: A complete food

For the same reason that dairy is a growth-promoting WHOLE FOOD, it is also a complete food, giving you essential fatty acids and protein and vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Generally, your human body does better when it gets plenty of nutrients from whole foods. Diary is a complete food with essentials vitamins and minerals.

Con #2: Quality concerns

Unfortunately, getting raw dairy is illegal in many places, and where it isn't, there are hoops to jump through, like buying directly from a farm.

Some online suppliers in Pennsylvania offer stuff shipped to your door, but with this comes extra cost and time needed to coordinate deliverability and to unpack the individually wrapped bubble containers, etc.

For the rest of us, most of the dairy available at most supermarkets is not quality stuff.

You can find raw, imported cheeses at most grocery stores, but that's about it. If you're lucky, you'll find raw butter, though that is rare.

For many, getting quality dairy isn't worth the effort, though I do recommend you try to find a quality source of butter at least and get a bunch and store in your freezer.

Pro #3: It opens up other foods to you

You might have dairy within your favourite cheat meal or restaurant. If you go completely cold turkey, you might run into issues should this slip into your diet from time to time.

Though at the same time, you may not. So this is very person dependent.

Con #3: Inflammation/Overgrowth / gut issues

For those who have gut issues or any growth/inflammation concerns whatsoever, dairy is likely only to complicate your health more.

This is especially true of cheese and milk and cream, whereas butter doesn't usually fall into this category since most of the casein, lactose, whey has been removed.

There are other variables to consider with dairy, like whether you enjoy it or not and whether it adds variety to your diet and thus makes it more likely you will stay consistent.

Keep that in mind as you decide whether you should include diary in your diet whether that is a carnivore diet or any diet!