What To Drink On The Carnivore Diet

It was hard to title this video because you can, you SHOULD, choose the drink options as the base of any healthy eating plan because of their zero-sugar, low-calorie features.

You don’t want to drink your calories if you can help it (aside from a fatty coffee with quality ingredients), and you especially don’t want to drink sugar ever. Never, ever, ever drink sugar.

For today’s video, I’m giving you my top drink options while following a carnivore diet. These are my go-to drink options since I don't drink soda, smoothies, sports drinks, or sugar-filled crap coffee. So that leaves me with a few options that can still add some liquid variety to my life while still remaining mostly carnivore.

Fortunately, there are more and more companies coming out with clean drink products.

Keep in mind, I'm not covering alcohol in this video. I don’t recommend you drink alcohol if you can help it, and if you are looking for alcohol-friendly options, I’m not the person to talk to since I don’t drink.

I hope you get some drink ideas today that’ll add a bit of liquid spice to your carnivore diet.