What To Eat On A Carnivore Diet: Build A Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

People love seeing examples of meals when researching a new diet.

I get this. So I’m going to give you some.

But I don’t want these to substitute for a deeper understanding of the carnivore diet. Anything less will result in a higher likelihood of failure.

You can’t just pick a few meals from my list and expect it to sustain you. It won’t work. And this is part of the problem with all diet-based meal plans.

You really need to understand your diet,  the why, and the theory.

So instead, I want you to take these as ideas of where to start and then use them to create your own meal plans based on the foods you like and the producers you are buying from.

This is not an exhaustive list, but a simple quick way to get started.

I’ll break these out into animal categories. these are also based on what I’m doing right now. They may change in the future.

A final disclaimer, some of these will include flexible carnivore ingredients, like in the example of a lettuce wrap. If you are going strict carnivore, ignore these.


Ground beef is a staple in our household. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get pure carnivore nutrition. Here are some ways to cook ground beef.

A note on ground beef, the better quality you can get the more you will enjoy it. Here is what we eat in our household primarily.



Beef bowls

Beef Roasts like Chuck, brisket, round, top rump and beef ribs are best for slow cooking. With enough heat, enough salt and enough time, you’ll have a delicious meal.

Beef cooking methods

Roasting: Fry each side in hot pain with ghee and salt. Cook at 350° oven until desired temperature.

Air fryer: Fry each side in hot pain with ghee and salt. Place in the air fryer. Cook at 350° reach desired temperature. (Use a probe thermometer for this)

BBQ: Look online. I’m no pitmaster.



Fatty fish: sardines, mackerel, clams, oysters, herring, kippers, salmon

  • Make pates. Add some mustard and hot sauce and eat from a bowl.
  • Soups
  • Ceviche
  • Sear and finish in melted butter

Be wary of larger predator fish, like tuna and swordfish due to heavy metal concerns.


Chicken is not as healthy as most people think. Carnivore diet success requires getting most of your nutrition from ruminant animals, organ meats and fatty fish.

There is a still place for chicken in the carnivore diet, just not daily.

Try different cuts like chicken wings, drumsticks and chicken thighs.

Pan-fry, air-fry, bake, roast, you name it.


It is imperative you buy the best pork you can buy. If you can’t find quality pasture-raised, ideally organic, pork, then skip pork.

Pork is one of the worst industrialized meats there is. You want the good stuff. So shop locally or from trusted suppliers.

Common pork products: Bacon, chops, tenderloin, pork shoulder, bones for stock, lard.

How to prepare: pan-fry, bake, roast, braise, skillet, air fry.

Meal ideas:

  • pulled-pork refried in hot skillet with butter
  • Marinated pork chops skillet seared then finished with butter
  • Oven-roasted pork tenderloin
  • Tenderloin stuffed with goat cheese then tied and roasted. Finish with butter.
  • Bacon. Bacon. That is all.
  • Ground pork sliders


Depending on the animal, most of these will come as steaks or roasts. So you can follow the same steps above for whichever meat is similar—for example, birds usually cook the same as chicken, wild game cooks similar to beef, etc.

  • Kangaroo
  • Ostrich
  • Venison
  • Moose
  • Elk


If you are doing the carnivore + dairy style, you have  a few more options for variety. Keep in mind, you should be using dairy products and skip the industrialized pasteurized stuff as much as possible. We get ours shipped in from PA form here.

Raw cheese can be found at most grocery stores. It’s nearly always imported, but there are a few US based raw cheese products I’ve found at our local Whole Foods.

Personally, I think raw cheese form a quality is a superfood.

Some people don’t tolerate dairy well. So this is highly person-dependent. Test for yourself.

Here are some of the ways I use raw dairy in my diet.

  • A glass of raw cow’s or goat’s milk with ice. Sometimes to go with my steak. (Not ideal if fat loss is a goal)
  • Melt raw cheese on anything and everything. (Limit cheese intake if fat loss is a goal)
  • Heavy cream for finishing pan sauces to go within my steaks.
  • Raw cream to make raw ice cream at home.
  • Raw cheese and honey for desert

Carnivore Diet Quick Meals

Here is a list of quick carnivore diet meals you can make in a snap.

There is something to be said for learning a few more elaborate recipes so you aren’t just eating the same few things every day.

Ground beef - Options include melting cheese, using butter, . Also, when you have ground beef in fridge as leftovers, reheat it in a pan to basically “refry” it… delicious.

Meatballs - use any ground meat or a mix. Add an egg if you want or just mix it together and form meatballs. Then pan fry or oven bake until done.

Steak - grill it, pan-sear it then finish in oven or if it’s thin enough finish it in the pan. Always use enough salt. Rub it down in salt. And always let it rest 4 mins at least after cooking.

Pork chop - pan-fry and finish in oven.

Bacon - bake or pan-fry on medium heat and remove before too crispy.

Salmon - use a non-stick pan and sear skin-side down until skin is crispy. Then finish in the oven or cover pan for just long for top to lightly cook

Sardines or other canned fish - eat as is or mix in some mustard and/or mayo. You could also roast these.

Lamb chops - roast or pan-fry.

Chicken breast - pound thin then fry each side. This will be super juicy

Sausage - pan-fry whole or slice down the middle and put the open side down.