Why you aren't losing weight on a carnivore diet

There are many reasons you aren't losing weight on any diet, especially a carnivore diet.

Here are four important things to keep in mind for your weight loss efforts.

I have hacks, tips, etc., so this video will be short on purpose with links below if you want to go deeper into other weeds to get some ideas for why you aren't losing weight on a carnivore diet.

Here are four big principles to answer this question:

You are still eating a ton of calories

As much as I disdain the "if it fits your macros" calories in and out dogma, there is a point where you can still eat TOO MUCH energy—calories from carbs and fat.

The beautiful thing about the carnivore diet is how easy it is to listen to your body when you are optimizing protein and eating nutrient-rich animal foods.

Compare this to eating a diet heavy in plant-based carbs, and you know exactly how hard it is to get to satiety and how hard it is to know when you've eaten enough food.

Quick tips to control your calorie (energy) intake:

  1. Drink a full glass of water with a dash of pink salt before each meal - support the show here
  2. Eat protein first and add more protein than you already have (probably)
  3. Eat slow
  4. Use intermittent fasting -> then figure out your body's preferred feeding times and meal sizes

You may be eating too frequently

Have you tried intermittent fasting, or are you still eating consistently, or worse, snacking?

I get it, food is fun. You want to eat it. Your biology has programmed you to eat it and enjoy it, especially if it's tasty.

These are all environmental cues that kept our ancestors alive.

Today, though, we need the opposite response to the environment. We need to AVOID eating often and to suppress cravings. This is because we live in a food-abundant environment and no longer in a food-scarce environment.

This is where intermittent fasting comes in like a star. By creating a simple eating pattern around long breaks between bites, you get your body closer to the way it is designed to interact with the environment on top of making your choice to eat or not eat stupid simple.

Think about it: if you are fasting and you know that and you walk by the kitchen or pantry, you have an easy gue in your mind to not eat.

Many times the desire to snack comes through boredom or not really thinking about it. Fasting is the perfect way to break this food spell.

You are not accounting for other lifestyle factors

These include:

Sleep: get 8 hours a night in a super dark room. Don't use devices before bed. Get orange glow bulbs. Etc. Protect your sleep at all costs

Stress: This is a huge one. If you find yourself complaining, getting angry, yelling, and otherwise feeling discontent, GET THIS SHIT FIXED. Turn your phone off and use airplane mode often; start meditating, practicing mindfulness, going outside in nature, anything and everything.

Nature: Are you spending most of your days indoors? FIX THIS SHIT. Get outside, get sunlight, listen to nature, take walks, disconnect, turn your phone off, etc.

You aren't patient

For every pound of fat you lose, your body is going to fight you to lose the next pound.

This is the law of diminishing returns: as you get closer to your goal weight and body type, you will have to constantly invest more and be closer to perfect to get there. It is the price you have to pay.

You will likely have periods of time where you are feeling good and weight is coming off, followed by periods where you seem stuck in the same place.

The key is to stay consistent, don't yo-yo, or otherwise sabotage your results by acting irrationally.

Then as more time is invested and your habits are more on point, you'll get closer and closer to breaking through that plateau.

Then keep going.

Be patient.

Don't create unneeded stress for yourself.

These are the top 4 reasons you aren't losing weight on a carnivore diet... they also happen to be why you don't lose weight on ANY diet as well.