2020 is a joke

According to Yelp, 60% of restaurants have closed permanently.

I'm surprised we don't have an uprising. I can't believe people are letting the government destroy their livelihoods.

I'm lucky something like this hasn't happened to me because I'm not sure how I would respond.

People brush off things they don't understand with name-calling—doomsdayer, conspiracy theorist, etc.

This is lazy thinking at its finest.

Look throughout history at the injustices committed by humans, and you see how the average citizen always ignores reality because that creates cognitive dissonance. And humans don't like dissonance, so they stick their head down and hope because that's easier in the short term.

This stuff happens in broad daylight.

After the 2009 financial crisis, only one guy went to jail, while many of the "too big to fail" bailed out companies doled out millions in bailout only to executives.

All while the average person lost their entire life savings and 401ks.

We need more people to opt-out of society and this rigged system altogether.

The first step in that process is educating yourself. Understand how all these systems are what I call "accidental conspiracies" that prop up a destructive status quo while using their power and wealth to prevent prosecution and reform.

The second step is buying gold, silver, and bitcoin. Learn more about how and why in my Guides section over at Colin.coach.

Finally, eyeball other places in the world to live and/or escape to if needed.

This is all be part of a Plan B option. Preparing could save your life, and not preparing could be the biggest mistake you've ever made.

One thing is for sure, if you hand over your money, health, or education to these corrupt instructions, you become a slave to their game. And you will never break free until you decide for yourself.