Today we cover FAT LOSS and three of the big mistakes that no one really talks about.

What's great about today's tips are they don't require a huge lifestyle overhaul the way many weight loss suggestions do.

These are easy to implement and can help you bust through plateaus.

These also happen to be First Principles of human health, so ya, that's just a bonus.

Whether you want to lose weight or not, you NEED these in your life for health and longevity.


Vitamin D is generally lower in those with obesity. There is also research that has linked obesity, heart disease and increased cancer risk with low levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient, it’s actually a hormone that your body produces from sunlight, about 15-30 mins a day to get your daily dose.

Vitamin D also does a bunch of other things:

It helps your body absorb calcium.

It supports your immune system. It helps prevent osteoporosis. It is found throughout cells in your body.


Snacking is the BANE of weight loss. Do not do it. Let’s go into why that is real quick.

Your body is designed by nature through millions of years of evolution to STORE FOOD ENERGY when it eats food energy. This is why insulin is released in the blood in response to food.

Insulin is your body’s primary storage hormone.

Surprise, when you snack, you signal to your body to store body fat for later. This is what your body is designed to do. It is nature 101. It is how we could survive in the Wild. It is how you survive at night: because your body uses energy your body has stored to survive.

My favorite way is to utilize a 16/8 fasting/feeding window. I never snack during day, not until I break my first meal.

It’s great: I get to work and focus and not think about food for most of my day. I also never have the urge to snack. I get the urge to eat a meal,, so I do, then I’m done.’


Sleep is your body’s rest and recovery mode. Lack of sleep is connected to chronic illness not to mention short term results and recovery and stress management. It is literally connected to everything.

Sleep 8 hours a night about

Use a sound machine

Avoid blue light at night, use the app F.Lux to remove it on your computer. Use night shift on your phone entire day if possible

Use candles and low orange hue bulbs

No TV 2 hours before bed.