I've been talking I about a Plan B a lot lately.

This is a personal decision, something I'm doing for my family.

It might not be of any interest to you, nor in your purview. But that doesn't mean you can't do a few things on the list. And you should since a few of these are going to benefit you even if things remain relatively stable (like owning some gold, silver, and having a passport).

Let's pretend 2020 never happened, and the world didn't go batshit crazy.

Even if that were the case, having a basic Plan B strategy is still maybe one of the best things you could do.

If not, here's the super simple checklist you could start working on today.

  1. Get or renew your passport. There is no reason to not have your passport. Get the documents in asap.
  2. Buy gold, silver and BTC - Not financial advice, but if I were you, I'd do it. Apmex for some physical metals to your home. Something like OneGold or Goldmoney for buying and having it held outside of the country (Keep in mind there is a small storage fee associated) - For BTC, you can use something like Coinbase then transfer it off, or if it's a small amount, say $1000, I see no problem keeping it here. Cash app works as well for getting BTC.
  3. Stock up on some shelf-stable foods. Avocados oil, nut butter, white rice, honey, etc.
  4. Cook more - stop eating out
  5. Go outside each day and take a walk and meditate and be in nature
  6. Exercise daily, weekly, whatever you can.
  7. Stop believing ANYTHING you hear from the media or government.

If you want to dig a bit more into depth, here are 3 resources to do that:

I've been focusing on these ideas because I feel it my civic human duty to spread awareness. 2020 exposed just how precarious our society is. Things I never thought I'd see the government do, was done. Media has become a complete clown show, and unfortunately, millions up millions of people get their worldview that way.

Our world is no longer based on rational thought. The Internet has made it a place of irrational thought, with cancel culture, tearing down statues, and an easily manipulated public of 300+ million Americans.

Our new normal is this craziness. And the way these things go, before it gets better—if it gets better—it's going to get really bad first.

Censorship has been running rampant. Big tech is silencing anyone that offers an alternative world view.

As Washington said, if freedom of speech goes, we will be lead like sheep to the slaughter.

Our country was founded on freedom of speech as a pillar. It's one of the core tenants of America.

I don't have to like your option or you like mine, but we must respect each other's right to have it. Period.

The millions of Americans that don't care about their constitutional rights are the reason the government keeps taking them away.

Thoreau wrote Civil Disobedience in response to slavery and the Mexican American war, two things he despised.

He urged his countrymen to civilly disobey as a means to keep government at bay because he saw first hand what the government could do as long as the citizens didn't oppose.

This American government let slavery exist. Think about that a second. The American government had racist laws like Jim Crow and segregation and other stupidness.

This same American government CAN DO anything. Any government can do anything. They will create convenient narratives to distort what's really going on. And the American public will let it happen as they always have.

This isn't about left vs right; it's come down to American vs. un-American.

The first thing you can do is protect yourself and your family. A little preparation goes a long way.

So do it now to whatever extent you can, and you'll sleep better at night.