America is being controlled and manipulated by corporate puppets and crony politics

So this post was about a picture of Obama giving a speech at a funeral in which he was promoting mail-in voting and talking about the need for it due to the bogey virus. Even though democrats know mail in voting doesn’t work and is ripe foe fraud, they want it bec they are trying to do everything they can to mess with the standard American voting process.

And USA Today apparently said this was false bec they said that Obama didn’t specially use the word “dangerous” to describe in person voting. Well shucks, now we are censoring what words are used and if the word itself isn’t used and instead the overall message is obvious or one uses a similar word, it is now considered “false”.

Yet you have the mainstream media out labeling things left and right: they love taking words or lines out of context then calling people racists or bigots or transphobic.

Honestly people, If the masses don’t wake up to the blatant propaganda and manipulation of millions of Americans this country is going to crumble and civil war is on the horizon.

This is why George Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

The mainstream media is the most hypocritically disgusting abomination in our modern age and they are directly responsible for killing people and have been for years. Who do you think promoted the fear mongering of fat and salt and red meat? And this is why we have a 50% obesity rate and why big food, big pharma and big ag are flourishing. This is just one example.

What about the people dying in the streets in the name of “racial equality”?

The numbers don’t support it. The narrative is nothing but divisive fear mongering nonsense. America is not racist. There is no such thing as “systemic racism” and the few racist Morons that do exist are a percent of a percent of the population, most of which probably sit at home behind their screen with no real platform or sway.

But the media perpetuates this divide bec propaganda and pandering to humans built in bias and fear is the easiest way to get views and clicks.

Honestly, people have no idea how dangerous this is. I already have plans for leaving the country if it gets bad enough. And I’m still an optimist, always have been. You know shit is going in the wrong direction when the rational optimists start making plans!