American Society of 2020 is the Greatest Scam of All Time

Modern society is the greatest scam of all time.

We are indoctrinated from birth and on by friends, family, society, schools, media, and celebrities.

They tell you the goal of a happy life is money, fame, and power.

So people chase these hollow promises and give up health, joy, relationships, and mental sanity as a result.

And the numbers show: suicides are at record levels, millions are on the Big Pharma drip because they've been told they have a "chemical" imbalance and need some profit-pill to "correct" them.

And that's not even mentioning the deaths from lifestyle-related diseases that kill over 1.5 million Americans a year.

And while the world is focused on a Boogey virus because that's what the media and crony politicians want them focused on it. As a result of this spotlight on the wrong things, millions end up ignoring the basics of health as they cower in fear inside their homes waiting for "permission" from the elite for when it's "safe" to go outside—which at this point is when a vaccine is rushed out and injected into millions.

Then people can get their shot and go about their lives again.

What a farce.

And what you will after people come out of their holes is the same damn thing we had before but even worse now: millions of sick people looking for Big Daddy government and corporations to take care of them.

The problem is, governments and corporations don't take care of anyone. What they do is kill millions directly or indirectly and fast or slowly.

Social media is taking all this to a degree we could never have imagined.

Completely detached-from-reality morons in silicon valley are censoring information left and right, cuz apparently they know best.

Then you have these clueless executives so stuck in their echo chamber that they let a movie like "Cuties" actually happen.

We are on a one-way path towards revolution. I don't know what that's going to look like, but if you read these two books, you'll get a glimpse: The Fourth Turning and The Sovereign Individual.

I just hope we avoid physical conflict as much as possible.

I guess it's probably 50/50 at this point that we won't have large scale violence.

Either way, something is going to give.

The current version of the Internet is broken.

The fiat dollar Ponzi scam that is the American dollar has been broken for years and will soon break for good.

The two-party crony political system is broken.

Our government is becoming more socialist every year with each new passing law and regulation. Our privacy is nonexistent.

Our rights are respected ONLY if there is a political benefit at play. California and New York are broke and yet still run by completely useless morons—though this gives me hope; hope that they will fail so many will wake up o the broader systemic issues with our political system.

On and on it goes right under the hood while then media stoke the flames of tribalism and skin color. Nothing but a smokescreen.

The best thing you, the individual, can do is prepare.

Get your passport. Own gold, silver, and BTC.

Read history.

Use your critical thinking skills.

And most important of it all: stop paying attention to the propaganda machine that's is modern media and the brainless celebrities that know nothing about any of it.

In the ultimate analysis of life, name and fame are just irrelevant. All that matters in the final reckoning is how you lived each moment of your life. Was it a joy, was it a celebration? In small things, were you happy? Taking a bath, sipping tea, cleaning the floor, roaming around the garden, planting trees, talking to a friend, or sitting silently with your beloved, or looking at the moon, or just listening to the birds—were you happy in all these moments? Was each moment a transformed moment of luminous happiness, was it radiant with joy? That's what matters
Excerpt from: "Fame, Fortune, and Ambition: What Is the Real Meaning of Success?" by Osho. Scribd.