Bitcoin is not and investment—it's a revolution

Bitcoin is not an investment.

It's a revolution.

And it's underway—slowly then suddenly is how the revolution will seem.

That's how revolutions go—they simmer for years before reaching the last degree needed to boil over, then WHAM: massive upheaval.

Bitcoin will hit a tipping point.

It might happen next year or in five years or ten. No one knows when, but the signs are already here, and when you dive deep enough into Bitcoin to understand how revolutionary it is, it seems inevitable.

Once a profound truth has been seen, it cannot be 'unseen'. There's no 'going back' to the person you were. -Dave Sim

That's Bitcoin.

Every revolution in human history seems out of nowhere and takes most off guard.

Non sire, ce n’est pas une révolte, c’est une révolution.

No sire, it's not a revolt; it's a revolution," said François Alexandre Rochefoucauld, Duke of La Rochefoucauld, the morning after the storming of the Bastille when Louis XVI asked him, "Is it a revolt?"

The French Revolution was a ten-year period, which probably seemed like only days to certain members of the noble class that weren't paying attention.

We are currently undergoing a financial revolution, yet most have no clue it's taking place.

Just look at this graph for a second.


Gradually, then suddenly.

But will this revolution seem fast? Well, to those paying attention, it does seem like it's been a long time especially if you've been stacking silver or gold for any period of time.

Why will so many be caught off guard, scratching their heads?

This is why: the average person is a walking, talking algorithm that follows the rest of society. And society doesn't pay attention to what's really going on. We now have a phrase for it: red-pilled.

This phrase refers to the movie The Matrix in whichMorpheus offers Neo the red pill to see the truth or the blue pill to go back to the convenient lie.

Even if they won't admit it, the majority of people would rather take the blue pill over having to do the hard work of challenging their world view.

It's work to prepare. Hell, it's work to even accept that the system itself is broken.

To fully understand it, you have to understand history. You have to challenge established dogmas you've been living with your entire life and others around you still are.

It's a tall order, for sure, and most people won't do the work.

Then the fact that the average person today is consumed with distraction and glued to their screens (ahem, Matrix), and you get a situation in which MOST people will be caught so off guard and will, unfortunately, pay the price while the elite will go elsewhere using the millions/billions they've stolen to live out their lives in some exotic locale.

Tyrants have always kept their citizens distracted

Caesar used gladiator games and festivals to keep the public fat and happy... and distracted.

Every tyrant, dictator, and controlling class in history has used propaganda to control the citizenry.

The problem today is people trust those with the megaphone, whether that's government, politicians, or media.

They accept what they are told. It's getting to the point that even questioning the narrative is to be labeled a conspiracy theorist or racist or whatever.

And this is why so many will be caught off guard when the inevitable financial revolution takes place.

Imagine this: You wake up one day and the cost of everything has risen 50% or 100%. You now are 50% or 100% poorer than the day before.

The income you make from your job or work is now 50% or 100% less valuable than the day before.

How do you survive?

You probably won't.

If you own assets, maybe some gold and silver, and most important of all, Bitcoin, you will likely be ok, possibly doing the best financially you ever have.

Bitcoin is freedom and protection

Bitcoin is protection against a lot of things, but primarily it is your best chance at protecting yourself against inflation and government incompetence, and oversight.

Bitcoin is the single best thing you can do to protect your future and well-being. It's the ultimate insurance policy, the most potent tool for sovereignty, and probably the best investment you'll ever make.

Here's what you can do to start protecting yourself:

1. Buy it monthly on an automated basis. Use SwanBitocin for this as I do and set it to do daily buys2. Buy the dips and then invest the 20-40 hours it takes to understand it fully.

I want you to buy Bitcoin because I want you to benefit from the upside that's coming while protecting yourself from governments that show no signs of slowing down their incompetence.

If you allocated even 5% of your net worth to Bitcoin, you'd be in a great spot, ahead of most.

Then, ideally, after doing your research, after you become truly convicted, you'll likely increase that allocation to A LOT MORE.

The early adopters always benefit disproportionally more than the rest.

The earlier you are, the more risk you take on, but the more upside potential you also have.

And Bitcoin is the single greatest disproportionally lopsided financial bet that humanity has ever seen.

If you came into Bitcoin at $10, you were "early."

If you came in 2017 at the end of the last bear market, you were "early."

If you came in at $50,000 in 2021 and held as the price dipped to $29,000, you were still "early."

And if you're reading this now at any point in the future before humanity has fully adopted the Bitcoin standard, you are probably early still.

The simplest way I can put it for you goes like this:

You will buy Bitcoin eventually. I promise you that.

You will buy it now or buy it later after all the big institutions and a billion or so humans have purchased it…. at which point you will pay a hefty price for coming in late.

The thing that's tricky about Bitcoin is this kind of evangelism sounds like any other marketer trying to pump his favorite stock or company or whatever.

Bitcoin is different because of the benefits hodlers get from owning bitcoin that have NOTHING to do with price.

Benefits of holding Bitcoin that have nothing to do with price:

You get sovereignty—the government can't take your Bitcoin, and it can't manipulate it in any way.

You get insurance—it is the ultimate insurance policy against the ever-accelerating money printing.

You get mobility—you can go anywhere in the world, cross any border, and your bitcoin goes with you. It can't be taken from you.

Finally, you get a potentially massive upside opportunity, one that could secure your financial future.

All you have to do is buy a little bit each month, whatever you can afford, and don't sell.

Yes, you are still early.... very very early

In 2017, when Bitcoin topped around $20,000 and then quickly sank to below $3000 soon after, the overwhelming majority of Bitcoin holders DID NOT SELL.

This is unprecedented in any asset in the history of civilization.

And you will see the same thing in 2021 price dip when the data comes out (if it already hasn't).

Again, unprecedented in history.

One of the most important inventions of humanity: Bitcoin

Bitcoin will go down as one of the most important technological innovations in human history, and it's going to bring more freedom and sovereignty to more humans than anything ever before.

What I just said sounds like hyperbole, but it's not.

As someone who doesn't like to promote anything other than ideas, I say this with ease because I feel I must help you access this massive opportunity.

Finally, one last tip.

Don't sell your Bitcoin.

Don't constantly or obsessively check price. Check it in 6 months or six years. Just keep buying and ignore the price as much as possible.

I like Swanbitcoin to do most of my buying for me automatically, every single day. So I can then focus on my life, family, work, and spending my time in abundance.

Later on, as your Bitcoin grows, you still won't sell.

You will treat it like real estate and get a loan from a bank against your Bitcoin. Then you can use that money to live, invest, do whatever you want.

Then you finally pass your Bitcoin down to your children, and they will do the same, building a family dynasty based on mathematical certainty living in cyberspace.

Bitcoin is the greatest money ever created. And it will serve humanity for generations to come.

Buy. Never sell. Hold for the long term.

And take control of your financial future out of the hands of the money printing government that is robbing you and us all DAILY with their incompetence and money printing. (If you don't yet understand this line, you need to study inflation, fiat, and what it all means—especially understand how inflation is "The silent tax."