Bitcoin is the best investment you'll ever make and the ultimate insurance policy

Bitcoin is the ultimate insurance policy and probably one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Bitcoin is the first inflation-proof, manipulation-proof, government-incompetence-proof money ever created.

The only reason governments worldwide, especially the US government, haven't outlawed it is because THEY CAN'T.

The government outlawed gold ownership with the gold act of 1934, yet few Americans cared, and even fewer turned their gold over to the government.

Now imagine the government trying to enforce something like that with an asset that lives in cyberspace, is easy to hide, and that moves at the speed of light.

The US or any country outlawing Bitcoin would only increase the demand and give an advantage to other countries.

It's the first time in history that a government cannot thwart a financial threat.

And it came at the perfect time, as Big Tech and the US government have been increasingly invading public privacy and violating constitutional rights.

The recent cancel culture movements, SJWs on Twitter, victim culture,  Big-Tech censorship, the blame the rich narrative, and now two stimulus checks within 12 months (which are the bootloader for socialism), our country is moving in the opposite direction that America was founded on.

Bitcoin is our best defense—your best defense.

When you, the citizen, have complete control and sovereignty of your wealth, you have your best defense against tyranny.

Governments have always tried to control the money supply as a means to control their citizens.

I still recommend everyone have a little bit of gold and silver, but I've now personally moved 80% of my net worth in Bitcoin, and I have no plans of selling it.

I'm not beholden to a bank or any other corrupt financial institution that can close my account or hold my funds at a moment's notice.

I can move my wealth anywhere I want, and it goes with me anywhere I go. (The same cannot be said of gold, silver, real estate, or stocks.)

My bitcoin and my passport are the two most valuable things I won in 2021 and are likely to become more valuable as we move forward with this current administration.

Our family is now antifragile—we will benefit/get stronger as we head into change.

I slept 9 hours last night, like a baby.

I don't worry about the government or the fake dollars they keep printing.

This is the peace of mind that every sovereign individual deserves.

But no one will give it to you, especially not the government that you think is there to protect you.

You have to demand it for yourself and then go out and get it.