Carnivore Diet And Intermittent Fasting: A Match Made In Heaven

In today’s video, I’m going to show you how a carnivore diet pairs perfectly with intermittent fasting. How they both support each other as well as the different ways to do it.

1st: A carnivore diet is a diet consisting of mostly animal products as well as eggs, and for some people, dairy. Another variable is little to no plant foods. As a result, this diet is extremely low carb, and sometimes, ZERO carb. So while some may disagree that it is not a ketogenic diet, I call bollox on that.

2nd: Intermittent fasting just means Meal timing; when you eat your meals. Do you eat all day long, putting your body through a hormonal roller coaster or do you compress your feeding windows (and eliminate snacking) to better manage your hormones. My fav way of doing IF is a 18-20 hour fast with a 4-6 hour feeding window.

This has evolved from the 16-8 I started with years ago. Now I increase my feeding windows with ease, which leads me to point 1:

Because a carnivore diet is based on nutrient dense animal foods with ample fat and protein, your body is less likely to overeat. After all, your appetite is first focused on getting your body the nutrition it needs to survive and repair, which is why eating processed garbage just leads to eating more processed garbage—because your body is STRUGGLING to get the nutrition it desires.

I would say this is the single greatest benefit of the carnivore based approach: the appetite and satiety effects.

  1. Next up is hormone control. The reason the KETO diet gets great results is because it focuses on getting people off the foods that wreak havoc on hormones. The simple act of focusing on the amount of carbs and sugar one is consuming has immediate benefits in increasing insulin sensitivity, controlling appetite and removing the many low quality foods that are then epicenter of really bad eating habits.
  2. The carnivore diet trains your body to adopt an intermittent fasting routine because that is the natural state your human body desires. This allows you to not even have to think about your fasting. Your body just gets better, closer to its natural state. Then after awhile, you wake up each day with zero hunger pangs whatsoever. Soon after that, you can go an entire day without eating and not even think about it. This is why I suggest everyone start by moving to more animal product with ample protein and fat rather than starting with IF while still eating the low quality foods. If you do the latter, you are going to need a lot of willpower due to the insulin spiking nature of these lower quality foods + the lack of nutrition in the foods and their inability to satisfy you.