Censorship is Ruining America: Why every citizen must resist

"If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."-George Washington

Censorship boils my blood.

There's something about it that feels so wrong.

If you look to history, you have countless examples of how dangerous it is for a society.

The public was outraged about the potential interference in the last election. Facebook received the brunt of this backlash. Rightly so.

In 2020, YouTube and parent owner Google has been on a CENSORING tear.

I've seen countless YouTube channels removed. We are talking about years of work. One channel had a million subscribers. So now a million people don't have access to the information they want.

I've watched a few of Dan's videos here and there. The guy is as uncontroversial as you can get. He's just reporting on what's going on. It's insane to me.

He's just one more case of personal political seeping into our society. These tech corporations are monopolies. The internet tends to reward winner take all situations.

Peter Tiel, a billionaire tech investor and one of the founders of Paypal, writes about it in his book Zero to 1. He promotes investing and seeking monopolies.

From an investor's perspective, obviously, you want to invest in mono;o goalies because that's how you get obscene returns.

But why are there monopolies laws? To encourage competition and prevent the abuse of power that comes from owning an entire sector of the economy.

At this point, this isn't about money; this is about IDEAS.

At this point, most people are getting their world views through one of these media monopolies.

Then there's the traditional media. It's all owned by a few corporations. Something like 11 dudes control all of the media.

And these platforms are being used to silence dissent and promote agenda.

These tech companies have hidden behind the "platform" argument: suggesting that they don't create the content and so they aren't responsible for it on their platform.

This means they shouldn't be censoring ANYTHING. Yet they do. This makes them a publisher. I genuinely hope they all fail. I hope they all get sued into oblivion.

I hope we can create truly decentralized platforms that promote freedom of speech. Then let the market decide what ideas should win and fail. The market always decides.

A few employees from California should not have the power to silence speech.

That's exactly what they are doing. Sometimes it's the algos doing it, ones written by individuals with certain political views. And other times its actual humans doing the censoring.

It's unbelievable that this is going on in broad daylight. And what is the public concerned with?

They are concerned that their neighbor is a harbinger of some bogey virus, even though we have seasonal flu every year, with 50-100 new strands mutating or coming out of the ether.

Even though ~600k Americans die each year from heart disease—a preventable disease.

Even though cancer claims 599k Americans a year.

Even though 47k a year are lost to suicide (and this number has spiked in 2020 and will continue to rise as our economy crumbles).

I don't' see anyone banning soda and processed foods. I don't see people being shamed for loading up their cart at the grocery store with cancer and heart disease, causing corporate made and government-subsidized poison.

Maybe we should stand at the checkout lane and tell people what they can and cannot buy and eat. It's for the greater good, right?

You can't worship, and you can assemble, both fundamental human rights protected by our constitution. Yet you can protest as long as it's for a SPECIFIC cause.

These are literal strategies out of the tyrant's propaganda playbook.

I'm completely beyond myself that this is all going on.

Every American must:

1. Renew or get their passport

2. Buy as much gold and silver and Bitcoin as they can

3. Stop using debt

4. Stop watching the news

5. Stop believing anything you hear or see until you research

6. Prepare your family before you are stuck

7. Go outside, move, cook at home