Congress Just Passed a Bill To Steal From You and Millions of Americans Will Celebrate It

Congress just passed a 1.9 trillion-dollar bill for "relief."

What does that mean for you and your bank account?

This: the government just stole right out of your pocket through inflation, also known as the "silent tax."

Every extra dollar added to the money supply REDUCES the spending power of the dollars you hold.

And the average inflation rate is around ~3% a year, with some years in the past being much higher.

Most people in government and many college-trained economists that prop up the narrative are so clueless and brainwashed that they accept this toxic system as "normal" and actually defend it.

It's one of the most significant lies ever sold to the American people. Right up there with "eating fat will give you heart disease" or "reduce your salt intake," to name just two of the many lies falling under the scam that is "common knowledge."

Here's a startling fact: almost one-fifth of ALL US dollars in existence was created in 2020…. and that % just jumped even higher with the recent $1.9 trillion added to the system.

The average person will cash their check and go on with their lives with ZERO understanding of what's really going on.

All it takes to defend yourself is a little bit of financial knowledge and planning.

I highly recommend you prepare yourself and your family.

Here is what you should do. I have more in-depth guides on my website: - and DM me if I can help in any way.

What is likely to happen in this country in the near future will be tragic, and I want to wake as many people up as I can before that happens.

1. Get your passport - your ultimate security is to leave the country if shit hits the fan.

2. Own a little bit of silver and maybe some gold and keep it in your possession. (My opinion of each has changed since last year, and I liquidated a reasonable amount of my holdings. I now own a little bit as a hedge and to spread out my risk.)

3. Buy bitcoin - Do not buy altcoins or any other "blockchain" buzzword using nonsense. Only Bitcoin. Bitcoin gives you sovereignty and security, unlike the world has ever seen. It will go down in history as an elemental discovery akin to fire or the wheel.

4. Have some extra bulk food at home. We have big bags of rice, honey, sugar, coconut oil, etc. Costco is suitable for this though Costco sucks as a company (my personal opinion).

I'm working on a course to cover everything you need to become safe, secure, and sovereign in your health and wealth, so keep an eye out for that. And if you have any requests or ideas, send them my way.

What you don't want to do is do nothing, assuming the status quo will keep you safe.

Many Jews did that in Germany, and with each passing day, as things got worse, many lost their chance to leave early or to prepare. At one point, if you wanted to get your wealth out of Germany, it was a 90% tax to do so. And that's if you even had enough for the gatekeepers to deem you worth their time.

History repeats itself because human nature does not change to keep up with societal and technological change.

We don't know what the next epoch for humans is going to look like, but we do know that as of right now, BITCOIN is your best protection against inflation and government upheaval.

A little bit of preparation could mean the difference between life or death or wealth and financial ruin. Don't take that lightly. Don't succumb to recency or status quo bias.

If I can help in any way, please let me know.