Destroy Self-Conflict or it Will Destroy You

I used to feel guilty if I didn't work.

I still often feel guilty when I miss a workout.

And while I still feel these pangs of self-conflict from time-to-time, they are less intense and pass faster than they used to.

I think a bit of self-conflict is good since it keeps you on your game and moving towards your goals.

The problem is how we create unnecessary suffering by obsessing over the past.

So when I have a cheat meal—like last night—I feel grateful for the flavor high, and I accept it as done. I then focus on my next meal and returning to my routine.

If I miss a work session, I take it as a chance to have space and take a break.

If I miss a workout, I'm giving my body a break, and I already have my next workout planned.

This is a subtle benefit to everyday life that comes from internalizing our Better Mind principle, The Framework of Control.

When you're thinking better like this and focusing on things you can control, you remove so much of the mental gunk that bogs most people down in daily life.

You don't even go there. It doesn't even enter your subconscious because you laser zap it away like a bug to a bug zapper.

You kill useless thought patterns like beating yourself up for not being perfect before they get a chance to take root and fester.

It's a miraculous thing and one that NO ONE can understand until they have developed the mental framework for experiencing it themselves.

This kind of mental magic is why I created the Better Mind program and why I'm spending the second half of my life helping others think better and live better.

To enroll in the Better Mind course, head over to BetterHuman.School and build a mindset that DESTROYS negative thought patterns like a bug.