Do Not Be Silenced Into Compliance: Stand Up, Speak Up, Fight Back

“If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.”-Nassim Taleb, Antifragile

We all need to call out bad ideas and expose them for what they are: half-truths, myths, simplifications, fake news, emotional drivel.

I’m interested in this because focusing on truth rather than half-truths can help move people to the middle and away from the extremes.

The middle is where you find progress, where you find solutions.

The gray middle is the way of empathy, tolerance, understanding, and these are the only things that are going to change anything.

Polarization will lead to destruction, to war. It will lead to a complete erasing of our history, which will then pave the way for repeating mistakes of the past.

Coming to the middle will save our future.

But the powers at be, the Internet, politicians, big corporate monopolies, and young and dumb individuals are doing everything they can to overthrow our way of life.

I promise you this: the replacement will be MUCH WORSE. Orders of magnitude worse. 1984 style worse.

They are already censoring, manipulating facts, and creating convenient narratives designed to move people to the extremes.

And it’s working. My god, is it working.

The first thing we can all do is: IGNORE everything from mainstream media. Delete trolling comments. Starve out the flame from those that seek to gain power through cancel culture and ignoring truth.

Speak up and stand up for what is right. Do not be silenced into compliance by the mob.

Instead, seek out small YouTubers, blogs, independent journalists, etc. Use Parler and delete the twitter app.

Seek to find flaws in your beliefs. Challenge your thoughts. Constantly evolve.