Don't Be Afraid: How Fear Makes You Sick and Weakens Immunity

"You are afraid to die, and you're afraid to live. What a way to exist."-Neale Donald Walsch

There are 50-100 new or mutated coronaviruses every year floating around the human ether. We never know about most of them, and we certainly won't ruin our way of life each year because of this natural phenomenon.  (Well, maybe we will...The New Normal, after all?)

The day this fear-mongering propaganda campaign used by the elites to political ends stops is when the masses stop playing along.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you're unsure of how to think about all this. It's complex, I know, which is why it requires critical thinking.

  • Do you plan to live your life in fear for the rest of your life?
  • Do you plan to restrict your contact with people you don't know and thus reduce or eliminating creating new relationships?
  • Are you going to keep your kids isolated and inside and let their development suffer as a result?
  • What about your parents and grandparents and the elderly in general? There is a mountain of research showing how integral community and purpose is to longevity. Lock them up and keep them inside for their "safety," right?

Are you going to look at every passing human as a walking virus and thus a threat? I wonder what that's going to do for your long term mental health.

Well, I've got news for you: if you do any of this, you're going to make yourself physically and mentally sick and thus more susceptible to the very thing you fear.

"We trouble our life by thoughts about death, and our death by thoughts about life."

―Michel de Montaigne

Human nature does not change. Human needs do not change. But technology does. Public opinion does. Governments do. Tyrants do. What is considered "common knowledge" does. What is considered "normal" does.

Throughout history, whenever humanity tries to bend nature to its will, the side effects are catastrophic. But because human nature doesn't change, which is we so easily forget history (recency bias).

Each generation goes on doing the same dumb things that previous generations already figured out don't work. (Can anyone think of the absurdity of how popular the ideas of socialism and marxism have become? My god, pick up any history book.)

2020 is a perfect example of this.

Making decisions for your life based on fear is always a bad decision because it warps your perspective. You cannot think when you are afraid. Fear is toxic. It breaks down logic. For the human animal, it destroys.

I could give you a bunch of facts in a simple bullet list that you could then vet on your own time. These facts and the verifying would give you everything you need to remove your fear of the current virus or and any future virus.

I could then give you a few simple recommendations for building your health and immunity.

These would include being social with other humans (crazy, right?!), daily sunlight + vitamin D supplementation (o no, don't go outside!), sleeping 8 hours a night (ain't nobody got time for dat!), eliminating consumption of all processed food (but that's hard!), especially anything that includes seed oils, sugar, and grains (ohhh no, that's my entire diet... I'll ignore you now).

But you will be blind to this information for as long as you keep those fear-tinged blinders over your eyes.

If I could transmit this message to every American right now, I would be met with extreme hostility.

  • Why is this? Why would the majority respond this way?
  • Why does promoting the idea of removing fear and replacing it with understanding illicit such a hostile response?
  • Why do people want to be afraid? Why do people want to be told what to do and think?

There are many reasons, but they don't matter right now because the only way the masses will change their mind is when enough % of the masses have already done so. At that point, the rest will hop on board. Mob mentality and the madness of crowds are well understood.

Advertising executives in early America studied propaganda techniques used by the Nazis and other repressive regimes. It often seems like the nefarious in society are those that know history and use it to their selfish ends while the masses don't know history and thus have no way to protect against these methods.

An analogy to this concept is perfectly illustrated in the book Crossing The Chasm, which is about the adoption of new technology and how "early adopters" carry new technologies to the masses. The book shows how difficult and precarious it is to get a new technology to "cross the chasm" from early adopters to the masses.

This concept can also be applied to the movement of ideas. What makes it especially tricky with ideas is the best ideas are often hard to hear, whereas new technology often has benefits over what it is replacing.

New ideas replacing old do not always have an obvious "benefit" to the recipient. In fact, most new ideas make old ideas seem childish in retrospect, thus making it less likely to be adopted because the holder of entrenched ideas would have to take a hit to their ego. As you probably know, humans DO NOT LIKE disturbing their ego.

It is only when enough time and enough social proof have coalesced that people will change their minds, usually quietly. There is even some research that shows that one's memory will change to erase old ideas if those old ideas are too hard to accept based on the new paradigm.

Sigh. That drained me. Just thinking about it all gets to me. Part of me doesn't want to even think about these ideas, let alone write about them, but that part is pulled along by the other part that wants a better future for my sons. So I'm doing what I can.

Remove fear.

Live free.

Be healthy.

Stop eating sugar and grains.

Then watch as your life improves in every way.