Focus and Deep Work Are THe Most Important Skills of The 21st Century

Focus is a skill that requires never-ending dedication.

Your focus constantly slips in our modern information-overloaded world.

Deep Work is a habit, ideally a daily habit. (Read Deep Work.)

I’ve been juggling a few projects lately.

The only way to make progress on each is to compartmentalize my focus on them.

When I’m in my deep work state—which I am now as I write this—I’m making a simple deep work agenda list of what I will work on for the 2-3 hours. Then I set a timer for each item. Then I close all tabs, windows, phone, etc., so I can give each item on that list my 100% focused attention

The thing about deep work and the flow state is it takes a while to get into the frame of mind where your creativity muscle and focus muscles are totally engaged. This could take 20-30 minutes or more depending on your skill getting to this place.

The more focused work you do, the faster you can get to this state.

If you rarely spend time in this state, it could take you hours to completely channel your focus into one task at a time. (The constantly distracted focus-switching state that many modern humans are in is a big block to doing great work and being successful and happy in general.)