Happiness is a Skill (that few posses)

My most surprising discovery in the last five years is that peace and happiness are skills. These are not things you are born with. Yes, there is a genetic range. And a lot of it is conditioning from your environment, but you can un-condition and recondition yourself. You can increase your happiness over time, and it starts with believing you can do it. It’s a skill. Just like nutrition is a skill, dieting is a skill, working out is a skill, making money is a skill, meeting girls and guys is a skill, having good relationships is a skill, even love is a skill. It starts with realizing they’re skills you can learn. When you put your intention and focus on it, the world can become a better place.
-The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Happiness is a skill.

Mindset is a skill.

Success is a skill.

Fulfillment is a skill.

And what do these all take?

Ownership and responsibility.

Yet most people are stuck in victim mentality, blaming others for their perceived misfortune.

Ironically they probably have a smartphone and thus have access to the worlds information and could use their phone to learn anything, become anything, do anything.