How To Be Productive Like Stephen King - The 1000 Words A Day Rule

Daily quote:

“I focus on one thing and one thing only - that's trying to win as many championships as I can.”

  • Kobe Bryant

Daily tip or recommendation:

Question more, make statements less.

Daily book recommendation:

Never Split The Difference, a book on negotiation and persuasion.

Daily health tip:

If you aren’t hungry don’t eat. Utilize intermittent fasting. Don’t SNACK. Snacking is the bane of health and weight management.

Daily Cooking Tip:

Use more salt than you think is correct. Get the salt I use at Wild Foods.

Daily thoughts about money:

If you want to become successful; with your finances, you have to become self-aware. There is no way you can be successful with saving and investing if you don’t have a solid foundation of knowing who’s you are and what you want.

Otherwise, you’ll go into CC debt, buy things you don’t need to fill voids in your life and otherwise be the typical unaware, zombie customer buying products and services for years as a means of finding fulfillment.

It won’t work. All you’ll end up is fat, sick and headed for an early grave. Yes, it’s that important. Self-awareness is at the base of everything.