How To Be Successful Utilizing The Power of Focus To Achieve Success

The more you focus the better your life will be.

Bold statement, I know, but irrefutable.

This applies to your work, relationships, learning, anything, everything.

When you focus, you get more results from the thing you focus on and more fulfillment from life in general. They are linked.

The Daily 6

Daily tip or recommendation:

Say No more often. And not just no to people asking you for things, but no to the things you let into your mind. The content you consume, the news you watch, the gossip you engage in or listen to.

Daily book recommendation:

Essentialism by Greg Mckewon

Daily health tip:

I bought a $250 treadmill from Amazon walk on it while reading in my garage. You could do this for your standing desk as well.

Daily Cooking Tip

Get a delicate flake salt, like Wild Kosher Flake Salt, and keep that on your table for finishing your meals. Generally, a few sprinkles on your plate is going to add more flavor and a bit of crunch. So use often and especially if your food is under seasoned.

Daily thoughts about money:

Chase fulfillment, not money, and you’ll end up getting the money.