How To Get More Done By Doing Less

There is a state called flow. It’s defined by intense focus on one thing.

Athletes love their sport because of the flow state—extreme athletes especially, many of which wouldn’t take the life and death risks if not for the supreme in-the-now flow state.

Buddha defined suffering as living in the past or future.

When you are intensely in the now, everything else goes away. All your fears, regrets, and pain, gone the second you enter flow.

And this is the key to getting your best work done in less time.

Find flow. Then keep finding it as much as you can in your life. Over and over.

The way to find flow in your work is simple: cultivate a two hours a day Deep Work routine.

Then protect that with every fiber of your being.

Block off your calendar. Go into airplane mode. Be tucked away in a corner where no one will find you or disturb you.

Deep Work is the foundation of all great achievement.

If you read the book Daily Rituals, you find the same themes: artists, scientists, and great thinkers all set aside time each and every day to be alone and work. (And many took long walks each day.)

Here’s a bold promise: if you cut your work day in half, then batched your work into shallow work and deep work, you would get more done in half the time.

I guarantee it. I’d bet $1000 on it.

But this doesn’t come naturally. It’s a hard thing. You have to commit and continually refine your routine to make sure you aren’t veering. And you will try to veer.

Trust me, it’s hard.

This is why time blocking out a consistent schedule you repeat every day is paramount. Deep work is best when you do it the same time each day. Your brain gets used to the routine and thus gets into the flow easier and faster.

I’ve been working for myself for 13+ years—multiple businesses, a couple successful exits, plenty of failures, and still going.

The one thing I tell anyone that’s interested in doing their own thing is this: 2 hours a day of Deep Work.

That’s it.

Few will ever do this. I don’t think anyone I’ve ever given this advice to has ever done this even ONCE. (If that isn’t a telling example of why most people never achieve their dreams then I don’t know what is.)

All you have to do is this:

  1. Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed
  2. Go into airplane mode. No distractions or notifications whatsoever.
  3. Pull up your task at hand, writing, planning, thinking, note taking, researching, whatever it
  4. is.
  5. Do that for 2 hours minimum (many times you will go over)

Then do it again tomorrow. And the next day.

This is the secret to getting more done in less time. It’s also the secret to success.

The Daily 6

Daily tip or recommendation:

Take walks in nature without screens or audio. There are some theories that going in nature helps revitalize your brain. I agree.

Daily book recommendation:

Deep work. I’ve now recommend this book 4 times on this show. Have you read it yet? Why not?

Daily health tip:

Take walks and listen to an audiobook or podcast. This’ll get you moving and building your mind.

Daily Cooking Tip

When you season your food, use enough salt to the point which it feels like you’ve used too much. Then you’ve probably properly seasoned. And if you over-season, good, that’s how you learn.

Daily thoughts about money:


If you want to become good with money, you must understand why you are, what you want, and the things you try to compensate for.

Explore your childhood. Your relationships. Find the mistakes you keep repeating. The trends. Then get to work improving.

That’s the sure-fire way to be better with money that no financial guru ever talks about.

Until you know yourself, you’ll spend money in ways you don’t understand for purposes you aren’t aware of.