How To Use Tiny Habits To Accomplish Anything

Daily quote:

“Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.”

  • Benjamin Franklin

Daily tip or recommendation:

Think bigger. Look wider. Take the broad view into account. Then try to reverse down to the micro. The bigger you can go in your understanding and the smaller you can go, the better.

Daily book recommendation: - like Netflix for books and audiobooks. Has saved me probably over a thousand dollars on audible.

Daily health tip:

Get off sweet coffee. If all you did was move your sweet coffee beverages to dark, black or a dash of cream, you’d save yourself countless extra calories and sugar over the years.

Daily Cooking Tip

Use your oven. This thing is so powerful, it just takes time. So get some sheet pans, a rack, some salt and ingredients. Then set it to 350° and toss your ingredients in some oil and salt then put in your oven until you see color. Take a piece out, taste it, then put back in or eat.

Daily thoughts about money:

Take advantage of money-saving tools. There are many today. Reward credit cards with no yearly fee. Simple and oxygen-free and cashback debit cards. Etc