I used to be afraid of NOT being successful

For years, I had a deep belief that I would be successful.

And with that came the fear that I wouldn't be.

And a bit of fear is good since it can keep you moving forward. You just have to control it and channel it.

Eventually, though, I had to convert this fear into motivation and inspiration, no easy task, let me tell you.

Entrepreneurship gives you two choices—adapt or die.

I worked hard to build my mental resilience to RESPOND better to whatever life threw at me. And it threw plenty.

Now I'm stronger, and most things roll off my back like water.

In 2020, I had more fears visit me.

Fears around the fiat dollar crashing, society collapsing, mandatory vaccines, and other violations of my American rights.

Many of these are genuine threats to my family's way of life, but I no longer worry about them.

This is because, again, I had to channel fear into something useful, in this case, action.

So I bought gold, Bitcoin, silver, ammo, and some extra bulk dry food (honey, rice, meat). I reread the Bill of Rights and finally learned the difference between the "left" and "right." (I kid you not, I had no idea at the start of 2020.)

Through my research, I realized that our best chance to be safe and free as a family was the ability to leave if things started getting too cuckoo.

So I renewed my passport and Allison's and registered Darrow and finally Rowen (he was one month old at the time).

And while I was taking action to protect our family's future and sovereignty, I was still paying attention to the politics of it all.

This became a negative drain on my happiness and equanimity.

I became distracted.

I became too critical of my fellow humans.

I started to feel superior to others I considered "asleep."

I didn't like the general frame of mind that took over my mind.

So I quit.

I quit all politics, all current events, everything.

I stopped talking about it, thinking about it, and listening to it.

I quickly returned to my former self of not caring about politics and instead focusing on my life and the life I'm building.

And guess what?

2020 made me better in every way.

The same is true for many of my growth-minded friends.

The thing is, none of this was an accident.

I've been building my life, wealth, and most important of all, my mental resilience for YEARS.

I've been taking risks and learning and adapting for years.

The mindset I've cultivated from taking action has set me up to be ANTIFRAGILE to something like a pandemic—meaning I get STRONGER when tested.

I've also set up my finances to benefit in the case of hyperinflation or deflation. I'm good in either scenario. So I sleep fine at night and don't worry about any of these worst-case scenarios.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many Americans that have become addicted to the comfort of American prosperity.

Cheap, convenient, fake food.

One-click instant shopping and delivery.

Unlimited content to consume while sitting around.

Politicians promoting victim narratives that remove individual's agency for improving themselves.

And so on.

It's an entire system set up to extract the most dollars and rights away from the masses.

I call them "accidental conspiracies" because there is no evil mastermind that thought this all up. It is just a byproduct of years and years of technological progress and cultural change.

My god, consider how fantastic modern plumbing and a hot shower are—something I realized last week when in Austin when our house flooded and our power and water went out.

My current greatest struggle is figuring out how to help others do the same—become independent thinkers, sovereign individuals, and awake and happy and fulfilled humans working on things they care about and that make the world a better place.

And that's what the Better Human School is all about—building better humans and arming them with a roadmap to living a life for themselves rather than the one society has laid before them.

The Better Mind program is a philosophy for modern life based on First Principles of human psychology and flourishing. It gives you everything you need to rebuild your worldviews and the confidence you need to forge your own path in life.

I believe that we are entering a new phase of human potential. We can go into the stars and create sustainable energy, food, and ways of living that will bring prosperity and abundance to ALL of humanity.

But it's going to take a LOT of independent thought and action to get there. We have to fight our primal tendencies that keep us bickering and squabbling over this one small planet's scarce resources.

When we make Earth a destination rather than a place where we are "stuck," we will look back at things like climate change, starvation, petty wars, and global politics how we look at cavemen rubbing sticks together.

To learn more about The Better Mind program and how it can help you level up your thinking and life, head over to BetterHuman.School or send me a DM.