Iron sharpens iron

Your real résumé is just a catalog of all your suffering. If I ask you to describe your real life to yourself, and you look back from your deathbed at the interesting things you’ve done, it’s all going to be around the sacrifices you made, the hard things you did.
-The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness (p. 89)

If who you are is defined by your struggles, then you could spend more time appreciating the hardships rather than resisting and fighting and suffering.

We all fight negative feelings and hard things. We get frustrated and complain and bitch and whine and explain away things.

We feel WOE IS ME and that life is unfair.

But maybe we should just let things flow. Let them come. Learn. Grow. Appreciate. Realign our focus to gratitude.

"Iron sharpens iron." -Bible.