Is climate change real?

The sun, the giant fusion reactor powering all life on Earth, makes up about 99.87% of the mass of our entire solar system.

The idea of energy use as bad or as a scarce resource is just a twisted narrative that's now nothing more than a political and financial power grab.

The Earth is greener now and getting greener thanks to carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 in the atmosphere currently is less than it's been throughout the majority of Earth's multi-billion-year existence.

We are currently in a cooling period, know as the "Holocene" interglacial. The middle of this period, which began about 11,5000 years ago, was warmer than today.

Yes, obviously, the Earth's climate changes, but the narratives built around our hand in it have become completely detached from science.

The global warming narrative is no longer about science.And the irony is, if you look at the data and question the apparent flaws in the narrative, you are labeled a "science denier" when what you are doing is ACTUALLY ENGAGING in science by constantly asking questions in an attempt to falsify theories.

Without the ability to falsify a theory, you cannot prove it is a scientific fact.There are more polar bears today than before, primarily due to conservation efforts that cut down on hunting.