Losers Blame While Winners Take Action

If more people took responsibility for their lives, they wouldn’t have time blaming other people because they’d be too busy getting after it.

All of this online debate, twitter shaming and otherwise social justice warrioring is a waste of time. And if I had to bet on it, I’d say it’s not actually moving the needle in a positive direction.

In fact, I think it’s creating more divide and creating more separation between the various different “groups” of people. After all, what are you doing when you spend time on one side vs another other than highlighting that divide and further digging into your side while pushing the other side to dig their heels in? How the F*$K is that making things better? Hint: It’s not.

It’s the same thing I see all the time with the vegan shaming that goes on. Posting pictures and quotes claiming meat eaters are killers or suggesting they don’t care about animals or the environment is not only flat out wrong, but it does NOTHING to reduce animal cruelty. And isn’t that the end goal? Aren’t vegans trying to reduce animal cruelty?

If that was the actual goal, then the tactics should be 100% based on getting meat eaters to eat BETTER meat from farmers that respect animals and that raise them in a healthy and humane way. Of course, you see the extreme mindsets that can’t delineate the difference between GOALS and some distorted, unrealistic idealistic worldview and sense of justice or morality.

And that’s the problem with all this nonsense we have going on today. Most people cannot meet in the middle because they are rigid in their beliefs. They see things as “vs” vs “them.” And guess what the by product is? Greater divide. Greater sexism and racism. Greater inequality. People need to change their tactics if they want results.

The worst thing I see in all of this is the victim mentality that seems to be the default mindset at the center of much of this. Victim mentality is the blaming of others for the various things in one’s life. But if you look at the numbers, there is no better time in modern history for ANYONE of value to rise up and build ANY life they want for themselves.

The IMF just appointed first female chief ever. Check out the 50 most powerful women list and you’ll see female CEOs of some big companies. And what do these examples actually show us? They show us that MERIT is the thing that works and not sex, color, religion or creed. And that’s the way it should be. It should be based on merit and results and have NOTHING to do with anything outside of that. Period.

Like Einstein said, “Do not try to become a person of success but try to become a person of value.”

Finally, if you are born into the United States, you are already living in the richest, luckiest, safest and most opportunity rich country the modern world has ever seen. So get to work on you and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.