Money See, Monkey Do: Why Humans Follow Other Humans

Humans mirror other humans.

This helps us fit in, be liked, and in the evolutionary context, survive and procreate.

We all follow other humans so we can belong to the group. Maintaining our image in the group is our innate human prerogative.

Things are different today.

Since you have infinite choices in who you follow and the groups you can belong to, you run the risk of mimicking the wrong people. This can lead you down the wrong path.

When you follow someone else’s plan, you will one day wake up and not like who you’ve become. The problem is, when you finally realize this, it may be too late.

Don’t make that mistake.

Figure out who you want to be.

Established your values. Visualize your future. Figure out what matters to you.

Do you value your autonomy?

Do you care about setting your own schedule or do you like the simplicity of having someone else do it for you?

Do you want a simple life or a complex life?

How important is your health? Your relationships? Family?

Asking yourself these questions and trying to answer them truthfully is paramount to learning who you are and what you want out of life.

By looking inward, you can figure out the groups you should join and the people you should follow.

What we need as a society is introspection.

We need more people figuring out who they are and building a life based on that.

Instead what we have is most people following others with no rhyme or reason.

The majority of people get jobs, go to school, and otherwise commit grueling hours of work to pursue goals others have set for them.

This is depressing.

It’s also a huge economic waste.

The majority of people default to following those around them.

They adopt ideas and beliefs from the publications they read, the programs they watch, the influencers they follow, and the groups they join.

Sometimes this is for the better, sometimes it’s for the worse.

Don’t fall into the trap of Monkey see, Monkey do until you’ve made sure you are paying attention to the right monkey.

Mimicking the wrong monkey could lead you down a life path you don’t want. And since you never get back lost time, that would be a real loss.

Daily quote:

“The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.”

  • Albert Einstein

Daily tip or recommendation:

Create a daily thinking routine. I do mine in the morning as I’m reading articles and browsing my goals list. When a thought strikes, I write it down.

There is too little thought in our culture. It’s a constant connection and an addiction to the thoughts of others. Be your own person. Think for yourself

Daily book recommendation:

Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

We named our son after the main character. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Daily health tip:

Take quality fish oil. Omega-3s are some of the most studied supplements available. There are now even patents and pharmaceutical approved fish oil. You can get a quality whole body fish oil from places like Wild Foods, which is what I use daily.

Learn the basics of using a skillet. Preheat the pan, let it get hot, add some ghee or avocado oil, my fav high heat cooking oils, then add the dried ingredient and leave it alone until it develops a crust. Flip, Repeat. If it's a thicker ingredient, finish in the oven. Season before, during, and towards the end of cooking, that’s how you build flavor.

Daily thoughts about money

Buy assets that produce income. There is no better feeling than getting a dividend check or rent check you get to deposit into your bank account. Airbnb the extra room in your house, buy a rental property with 10% down. Buy dividend stocks and reinvest the dividends.

This is how you grow wealth and how you get to a place where your money takes care of you rather than you having to take care of your money.