My Son Turned Two Yesterday, Here Are Some Hopes I Have For His Future


Darrow turned two yesterday.

I hope he grows up with the same freedoms I grew up with.

I hope his peers don’t become brainwashed to the basic truisms or nature and human health.

I hope he can see great inventions in his lifetime that move humanity forward.

Here are some other hopes I have for his lifetime:

I hope twitter dies.

I hope All the Big Tech companies pay billions for their censoring and manipulation and eventually get broken up.

I hope the marxists and socialists go create their own little island somewhere, maybe on an abandoned oil rig, so we show another case for the world of how these ideas will never work.

I hope Big Food dies and we go back to buying and eating local.

I hope something changes so that kids aren’t growing up obese.

I hope added sugar becomes restricted or outlawed.

I hope we build a new form of government that is truly decentralized and has real checks and balances.

I hope every single politician of old is voted out of office (cept maybe a few of the good ones if there are any left)

I hope we can reverse the health trends for modern humans by getting them outside and eating right and moving.

I hope we don’t see a divide in our species between humans that thrive and humans that are sick.

I hope the fiat dollar system collapses and we go back to a gold standard and Bitcoin takes its proper place.

I hope we understand if 5g is bad and if it is destroy it and invent something else.

Here’s to hoping.