My struggle with motivation

I’ve been struggling with motivation because I don’t know what my vision is

When I had a singular purpose in my business, I was focused and had no time for extensional questions about what I should be doing with my time.

I just got to it.

It’s liberating.

Now my life is shifting into another phase—a phase with more space and more time.

And that’s great since I have a young family, but it does not come without challenge.

For 15 years, I’ve been driven and focused on reaching my goals.

Now that I have checked a few off my list, it feels strange not to know what’s next.

When I was younger, ignorance and arrogance joined forces to make me determined and persistent.

In many ways, that tunnel vision is excellent.

As I get older and wiser, I become less sure. I feel like I know more and less at the same time—quite the paradox.

I’m sure this is a good thing, though it doesn’t necessarily feel that way.

It’s something I’m working through.