Not understanding inflation will be the most expensive lesson of your life

Inflation is called "the silent tax" because it robs you of wealth without you receiving a bill.

Your money is devalued every time the money supply is expanded. This is the simple law of scarcity.

The more of something there is, the less value it has.

Over time as you get hyperinflation, there becomes so much currency that people stop taking it. That's when you end up with trillion-dollar bills, as seen in Zimbabwe (check out the eBay auctions lol).

Since 2020, the US government has created 1/4 to 1/5 of all dollars in existence. And we haven't even felt the 1.9 trillion just made out of thin air.

Why did the stock market climb during the 2020 pandemic when the country had 40 million unemployed?

Why are real estate prices at all-time highs?

Asset inflation.

Why have my grocery runs averaged $200, and why do I keep running out of food so fast?


This is the inflation that the average American will feel the most.

Food prices are up. Gas is rising. Lumber prices are at their highest levels ever.

Building a home? The price to do so has nearly doubled in a year.

So on and so forth.

2020 Inflation

It's safe to say we are at about 20% inflation in the last 12 months.

And with the current give-people-money-as-a-pacifier administration, we will probably get 10-15% inflation for at least a few years.

The thing about inflation, and our current controlled money supply, is they have to keep printing money to stave off the next financial crisis.

Things like 0% interest rates are just another phony mechanism to try to control the optics. Governments only care about how things look. They don't care about what will happen in 5 years or 20.

They care about how things look for reelection and while they are in office. That's it.

This incentive structure is why the government will keep printing money until the entire system collapses.

No politician is going to run on, "Let's balance the budget! It's going to be painful for a few years, but it'll be worth it! I promise!"

That won't get votes nor support from other politicians.

The simplest way to think about inflation is this: your cash is a melting cube melting away 5-20% a year.

If I went into your life savings and took out a chunk like that, I'd go to jail for a federal crime.

Yet the government does it, and the brainwashed masses applaud them.

If you keep $10,000 in your bank account and do nothing for ten years, in 2031, you'd be lucky to have $100 in purchasing power.

And the only reason this happens is because we don't have sound money.


Sound Money

If we had sound money backed by gold or Bitcoin, or other tangible assets, we would not have this problem. In that case, you could keep your $10,000 in your bank account, and you'd have mostly $10,000 after ten years.

Finally, if your income is not rising each year to match or beat the inflation rate, you are becoming poorer each year.

That 5% raise ain't gonna cut it. We are so far beyond the 3% rate that the FED has been promoting for years.

That's a complete lie. No one with a brain accepts this.

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And if you haven't, do the following:

Buy bitcoin (link in bio for simple/easy way)

Get your passport

Buy a little bit of silver coins to keep on your person.

Do not be the turkey: TAKE ACTION TODAY.