Should You Trust Organizations Like the American Heart Association?

Wrong advice by public health organizations has resulted in many maladies and deaths. Should you trust these authorities?



[00:00:00] These execs that know that sugarand carbs and the processed foods are killing people that just convincethemselves or not. And then that bride politicians and lobbying do all thesethings. I mean, come on. There's definitely couple of ability. There, thereshould be some accountability.

[00:00:29] I'm sick of this shit. Really2020 has been quite a roller coaster year and I've always been pretty detachedfrom what most people do in society. And I didn't really care about politics. Imean, I literally didn't care about politics at all. Uh, now with two sons andbeing a homeowner landowner and seeing the insanity.

[00:00:47] It's made me kind of have towake up a little bit. Now, at least our family got her passport. So we'reprepared in that way. The idea for today's video is should the American heartassociation and the other organizations like this that have been fearmongering[00:01:00] against me, consumption have been promoting things like veganism andplant-based and high carb, low fat bullshit.

[00:01:07] Should they be charged withmurder because millions of people a year die, 600,000 a year die in America,alone from heart disease is four or 500,000 for cancer. And then you go downthe list and you have diabetes and you have Alzheimer's. You have all theseother diseases that are result, primarily result, not only result, butprimarily result of the mass produced destructive seed oil late in carb, heavysugar Laden, fake food.

[00:01:34] That is the bulk of the Americanfood system that has been supported by the USDA. The FDA propped up by bigpharma, perpetuated by doctors. And then the news takes all this really badfunded research and then throws it in people's faces. And then people go to thedoctor and they say, what do I do, doc? I don't want to die.

[00:01:51] I want to lose weight. And thedoctor says, well, here take your statin. And then here's a whole othercocktail of drugs. You have to take, send a cost to your insurance company, Xdollars a year. [00:02:00] And we're basically going to charge everyone that ishealthy. People like myself, high premiums to pay for one this bad advice andmaybe potentially your poor lifestyle choices.

[00:02:10] And you'll just live like thisforever base. So there's no cure. You're obese. There's no cure for obesity.You have diabetes. There's no cure for diabetes. Like, how is that person notlocked up? Like I get it in some ways, because a lot of these things are what Icall accidental, conspiracy things that have come together that confirmed haveresponded to market pains.

[00:02:26] But now with the information wehave with like thousands of people that go on YouTube and leave their successstories on channels like mine and other channels about a carnivore diet or a realfood diet or a paleo or keto. But these are all not valid data points becausethey're not done in some lab and funded by basic Coca-Cola or some big food orpharmaceutical company.

[00:02:45] Right. That's how it works. Yup.Yup. Yup. Bullshit. People need to be more fed up with this as if we didn'thave enough to be fed up with the 20, 20, but guess what? It's all connected.2020, all this COVID the lockdowns, the elite fear-mongering propaganda, theleft and the craziness, the [00:03:00] protesting, the, the racial divide, thetribalism.

[00:03:03] It's all based on the same BS,power and greed and money, grubbing sociopath, psychopaths that go into thesepositions of power. And I'm, and I'm just sick of it. So here's a comment thatI received that prompted this. The numbers are out there telling the truth, howinconsequential the virus is, but the media propaganda machine did its job andpeople still buying into the fear.

[00:03:25] It's not unlike how the Americanheart association is responsible for killing millions by pushing a nutritionplan. The absolutely no is wrong. And the government supports it because thereis so much money involved. Well said Holly well said, but media keeps spreadingthe lie and fearful carb addicts continue to believe it.

[00:03:43] This video idea of why themasses are still asleep, wake up people, you can see it up here. Oh, it is. Letme just, I'm just going to be straight with you on this one. I'm not going tobleep out the curse words or anything. I'm probably going to be demonetized,but whatever there is, I have a really [00:04:00] hard point.

[00:04:00] Twenties. How do I say this?2020 has really made me. Think about a lot of things. And there's been a lot ofbenefits that have come of it. And I think for a lot of people that will be alot of benefits, but there's gonna be even more people that are gonna suffer.That's for sure. Now I've had this hard struggle with, do I put out thiscontent?

[00:04:17] Do I do all the stuff that I tryto promote? This message, even though places like YouTube censor it. IInstagram I'm pretty sure shadow banned a lot of my posts or my account ingeneral. I've had videos taken down and I'm only like skirting on the surfaceof some of these, you know, what people are calling conspiracy theories.

[00:04:32] None of this is conspiracy. Tosay that aha kills people and FDA kills people, kills people, government killspeople. These are just facts. I mean, how many people have died at the hands ofthe U S government or any government? I mean, just think about the Wars andthat's not, he mentioned the, the unjust one summer, just summer and justwhatever, still responsible.

[00:04:48] They're responsible for theaggression that is inherent in humans. And that's why we need as limitedgovernment as possible. It's why we need as limited powerful institutions aspossible. We need things smaller and the consumer and the people need[00:05:00] to take control of their lives and not delegate their health, theirnutrition, the food, they get anything to corporations, especially the bigcorporations.

[00:05:08] But what I've struggled with isit seems like the trends. Are getting worse. They're gonna keep getting worse.It seems like I can put out videos like this and it gets a few hundred viewsand maybe it affects a few people and maybe it doesn't, I don't know. And it'sdiscouraging, but not necessarily because I want followers to make money oranything like that.

[00:05:26] This is just literally like, Iwant to see mainstream news talk about, I guess we're gonna have to wait tillthe research comes out, but how everybody should be eating. Organically raisedfor generatively raised grass fed beef has a book of their diet and wild caughtfish and whatever. Instead, you see this perpetuation of slop human pet foodgarbage, uh, like these fake plant-based burgers that are literally justprocessed garbage food.

[00:05:49] People like bill Gates areinvesting in these companies. And a lot of people think it's part of the greatreset. They want to control the food, the supply, the seeds, all these things.It goes really, really deep. When you look into this stuff, I mean, look atMonsanto, which is now owned by [00:06:00] Bayer and how they control a lot ofthe seeds.

[00:06:02] And I can't, I just can't go into,it's just, it's unbelievable. And the problem with all of these things is youcan't blame one person and everybody wants to just kind of blame one person.They don't want to really think about the system, how it's broken and all thesedifferent things that kind of converge and how all these different agendas worktogether.

[00:06:15] And these accidentalconspiracies, because it's hard to picture an enemy like that. And then it'shard to connect that to like, what can you do the average person? Well, the airforce could do a lot. He, or she can vote with their money and their dollarsand their views, what they do on social media, who they follow, what theyrespond to, what they watch turn off the media propaganda machine.

[00:06:31] Don't listen to any of thesemorons on experts on TV, by small local, you know, know your farmer, supportcompanies that respect the environment and the things they're putting out. Andspeak up, speak up in your community forums, speak up to your family, speak uponline, speak up on social media, speak up to your doctor who feeds you, thispropaganda BS and fight back and be like, no, I'm not doing that.

[00:06:51] I'm doing keto or whatever.Like, and if you're not going to support me in this and help me, then I'm gonnafind new dr. Garris person can do a lot. I just have to remember, like thesethings take a lot of time and this is basically a revolution we're [00:07:00]having a revolution already in politics and in the American way of life.

[00:07:04] I hope that the same side wins.You know, there needs to be a health revolution. There's needs to be a reformin pharmaceuticals and health insurance. I mean, all of it, it's broken theentire system, the FIA dollars, a fake government. I know it's a lot. I knowit's a lot. It's why it can feel overwhelming at times.

[00:07:17] And the question is, what do Ido? Am I wasting my time? I don't, I'm not wasting my time because I get thesecomments where people appreciate it. But. When you're that kind of type aentrepreneurial, like you, you want to have a big enough impact to be able tosee real change really? I mean, I'm American. So the masses, because thinkabout all the kids, it's always, for me, it's always the kids it's like.

[00:07:36] You have millions of millions ofAmericans that eat the standard American diet, they follow the doctor'srecommendations and they do the same thing with their kids. Their kids grow upwith eating disorders. The kids grew up overweight with obesity, diabetes. Theystruggle with all kinds of crap while they listened to the doctors, injectingthem with vaccines 20 or 30, by the time they're like two and crap.

[00:07:51] I mean, it's just, it'sunbelievable. I just like, I want, I want it, I want to fix it, you know? Iassume it's probably someone like Musk, like Elon Musk. He looks at the worldand [00:08:00] he sees, he looks at the horizon and he sees how people aregreedy and they're spending money and hoarding and doing things rather thanworking on getting a plan B for a planet working rather than working onsustainable energy, which.

[00:08:10] There's some issues there. Idon't think there is global warming, at least the way they're saying it. Imean, there is climate change because look back 8 billion years ago, theclimate was changing. It always changes. In fact, some scientists are showingthat we're actually headed into an ice age, even though there's all this globalwarming.

[00:08:24] Some people are even suggestingthat maybe what we have been doing with the greenhouse gases and whatnot isactually staving off. And I say it's because if we run into an ice age,billions people will die. Probably like, I think we'll be all support life, butit'll really compress. Things, you know, you won't be able to be, I don't wantto go into that tangent.

[00:08:41] I can go on to that for a while,but it's like with everything, the mainstream narrative is always flawed and alot of cases it's just wrong. I don't know. Let's have a discussion below. Letme know. What, what sticks out to you? What thing do you want to share withothers? And every time you leave a comment, you're, you're helping otherpeople.

[00:08:56] So do it, please. Sharesomething, you know, a [00:09:00] tip or whatever, challenge something. I said,question it, correct me, whatever, do whatever you need to do, leave a comment,help other people with that. And, and me, right? It's a two way street. I wantfeedback good or bad. All of it. Let's all collectively help each other.

[00:09:13] That's what we need. We need, weneed to collectively help each other. I mean, revolutions start with like one,two people, and then they grow and they grow and they grow and then, you know,power of exponent. So that's really what we need because the institutions, thegovernment. They're responsible for killing millions of people.

[00:09:27] Some would say it's indirectlykilling them, but I don't know at this point, it's like these exacts that knowthat sugar and carbs and the processed foods are killing people. They justconvince themselves or not. And then that bride politicians and lobbying do allthese things. I mean, come on. There's definitely a capability there, thereshould be some accountability.

[00:09:46] It's only going to change whenthe masses force it to change. When people stop buying their poison food, whenpeople stop voting for these morons, like with the masks people stop wearingmasks, the police won't be will enforce it. [00:10:00] They won't be able tokick you off the plane or a rescue or drag you out of the school or whatever.

[00:10:04] If people don't fight back forfreedom, if they don't fight for what's right. If they don't fight for change,there won't be any of that because that's what government does. That's whatpower does. It seeks more of what it maintains itself with, which is powerpack. It's all about power cause money, you know, money is power, so power,money synonymous, but it's really about power.

[00:10:25] Government will always seek morepower government. Doesn't really ever repeal laws, unless there's just a crazyenough outcry. And even then it's just for political posturing so they can getpower, maintain power. You see how it's literally all power. It's the samething. These big food companies, pharmaceuticals and FDA and USDA and peoplethat have their jobs.

[00:10:41] And there's always backhanddeals and whatever. It's all power. It's maintaining power or trying to getmore of it, which everyone tries to get more so that if they give away alittle, they still have a lot. I mean, come on. That's it. Hey, Colin here gota free before you click on the button below to go to the ancestral and[00:11:00] download the seven principles of living wild.

[00:11:02] This is a short PDF. That's gotsome of the main principles such as real food sleep movement, and a couple morethat are gonna help you live more ancestrally in accordance with your genes.Please always remember that the members of the ancestral mind podcast are notin fact medical professionals.

[00:11:22] They're not doctors, they're notnutritionists. They are simply providing this entertainment for you to do yourown research and. To entertain yourselves. So please consult a physician beforechanging your diet. Not everything works for everybody and make sure you alwaysdo your own research on everything you hear on this show and outside.

[00:11:43] Thanks for listening to thatshow. I want to let you know about my news podcasts over at escaping fragility.A show about building a life for yourself, being safe, being secure, having aplan B so that if this crazy world of 2020 continues. Or gets worse, which alot of the numbers are [00:12:00] suggesting. It will then you and your familywill be protected.

[00:12:02] A lot of my content from mypersonal brand has been focused on giving people the knowledge, the expertise,the skills, and just the awareness of some of the craziness that's going on sothat they can protect themselves so that they can fight back so that they canbe civilly disobedient so that we can stymie the ever encroaching spread ofgovernment and of corporate.

[00:12:20] And political agenda. If morecitizens do not stand up, fight back, speak up, going to be nothing left toprotect. And I don't like fear-mongering and I'm generally optimistic person,but 2020 has stressed me out at first. It didn't. But then it did when I reallysaw it going on. When I read a little bit between the lines and even now thecraziness is continuing.

[00:12:39] And I don't see it letting upany time soon, the masses are too easily manipulated. And so I'm more concernedwhat's gonna happen in 2021 when the next flu season comes through and anothercoronavirus is weaponized. And then who knows what's going to happen? Travelrestrictions, mandatory vaccines, chipped, and product like cattle.

[00:12:55] People think it can't happen.They stick their head down, but they did in Mao's [00:13:00] China, they didinstall Russia. They did, and Nazi Germany, and then it was too late. And whopays the price? It's always, always, always the citizens. That are having faithand that are just hoping things get better. They're the ones that always paythe price.

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