Sunk Cost: How The Past Keeps You Repeating It

I don’t care about the past.

In many ways, I don’t even believe in it.

The sunk cost fallacy keeps most humans stuck.

The idea that you are your past is BOLLOX.

The idea that you have to keep doing this thing because you started it or you said yes or your parents want you to or whatever is COMPLETE AND UTTER HORSESHIT.

I know, strong words.

I’m doing my best to communicate to you how important this concept is and how dangerous.

You live in a constantly changing universe, yet you try to stay static so you can remove uncertainty in your life.

But all you do is create fragility.

The more you try to control things outside of your control, the weaker you become to things you can’t even fathom yet.

Sunken cost makes you EVEN MORE fragile because you are trying to resist natural law.

When you fight nature, you lose.

Every. Single. Time.

If you hate your job, but you’ve convinced yourself you should suffer because you have student debt, QUIT!

That’s such a stupid reason.

Your life and time are the only things that matter. Everything else is just air.

If you stay in a toxic relationship because of co-dependency issues and your fear of being alone, GET THE FK OUT NOW!

I know someone whose best friend was murdered by her boyfriend (he then killed himself). And yes, the warning signs were there yet she kept going back to him in spite of the constant threats and abuse.

Don’t be the turkey.

The turkey believes the farmer loves him because the farmer feeds the turkey every day.

And that narrative is propped up until thanksgiving.

Get what I’m saying?

It all is fine until it’s not. And going from fine to the worst can happen in an instant.

If you don’t make changes you KNOW you need to make, you will pay one or more costs. That’s how sunken costs end up being like quicksand, pulling you down more and faster with each passing day.

The past and the future don’t exist.

All you have is NOW.

So the question is: What’s the best decision right now based on where you are at right now?

Not where you were yesterday. Not where you might be tomorrow.


There is nothing else.

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